Waiting for the Storm to Pass in Air Beach

Turquoise Thursday- Airlie Beach, Australia
Sometimes it’s worth the wait…

Airlie Beach

In life, we often experience times when we are waiting for the storm to pass, metaphorically¬†or literally speaking. When I arrived in Airlie Beach, I exited the Premier bus to be welcomed by nothing but gale force winds and rain. My first storm in Australia. Due to the fact that I am traveling for a total of 14 months, I can’t expect the weather to be perfect all the time. I need to be realistic in the fact that storms come and go and my plans might be intermitadely put on hold. Yet, I couldn’t help but be disappointed that mother nature was raining on my parade. This was one of those rare instances when I needed to be patient for the storm to pass and for better days to arrive.

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