Last Day to Enter to Win a Hint of Lime Handcrafted Bag

Hint of Lime Designs

This one of a kind handcrafted Hint of Lime Designs bag is up for grabs and it could be yours–just enter to win! One day left to enter–you have until midnight tonight Atlantic Standard Time. Just hop over to my Turquoise Compass Facebook and/or Instagram page to comment and share/repost! That’s it! Contest open to Canada/USA/UK residents Continue reading

I’ve Teamed up with Hint of Lime to Bring You a Fabulous Contest!

Hint of Lime Designs

This “One-of-a-Lime” (only one was ever made guaranteed) bag is ready for its new home. Will it be with you? One week left to enter. The contest ends on June 30th at midnight Atlantic Standard Time. Contest open to Canada/USA/UK residents

Check out the contest entry details here! Continue reading

DIY Fun Fall Photos

DIY Fun Fall Photos

There is nothing better than being able to get fun fall photos in the colourful leaves then by doing them yourself! Plus, it’s free! I just brought my tripod, set up my Canon EOS SLR Rebel T3 camera, set the camera on self timer (to take 10 shots at a time), and had fun! The result was incredible! I was able to capture real and natural moments. No posing involved. Continue reading