You Only Wear it Once: Trash that Dress!

Trash the Dress, Dominican RepublicTrash the Dress, Dominican RepublicI bet a few of you have been wondering if I “trashed” my wedding dress in the Dominican Republic after my destination wedding…OF COURSE I DID! I debated back and forth for a while, but I decided to get the most out of the dress of my dreams. My husband knew that if I didn’t do a ‘trash the dress’ session I would regret it…he was right. It is a dress I will only get to wear once so why not wear it for every occasion, even if it means in the pool! I was determined to wear my wedding dress the entire day of my wedding and I did. No second party dress was allowed at my wedding. Continue reading

A Turquoise Wedding at the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana

A Turquoise Wedding at the Majestic Colonial Punta CanaTurquoise Compass Wedding, Dominican RepublicWhen my husband and I first got engaged in December 2014, it took us nearly 3 months to decide what country we wanted to get married in and at which venue. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to do a destination wedding, but we didn’t anticipate that we’d end up selecting Dominican Republic as our country of choice or the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana for our hotel. At first, neither were on our short list. We had a few ideas of what we wanted when we started our planning, but to get exactly what we wanted for our date, budget, and must haves we had to make some compromises. As you can imagine, there are many factors that go into selecting a country and venue for an away wedding. In the end, the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana offered us the most for our money, while providing us one of the most elegant beach wedding venues.

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My Dream Turquoise Inspired Wedding in the Tropics

Turquoise Compass Wedding, Dominican RepublicTurquoise Compass Wedding, Dominican RepublicI am left speechless after my dream turquoise wedding in the Dominican Republic. It was everything I had dreamed of and more. If you have been following my engagement, wedding dress shopping, celebrations, and wedding planning over the 8 months of our engagement–the big day finally came. It arrived in what felt like a blink of an eye, and passed in a heartbeat. It’s hard to believe that I married the man of my dreams on a tropical palm fringed island. Floating down a white sandy isle on a sunny day to a man standing in front of a beautiful twinkling turquoise sea with not a cloud in the sky was beyond what I had imagined. That same man swept me off my feet 5 years ago. I met him under a white gazebo on the beach to be joined together for eternity. It was one of the most spectacular moments of my life. I bet it’s no surprise to you that turquoise was the inspiration of our wedding week in the Caribbean! Continue reading

Turquoise Tropical Wedding Sneak Peek

Turquoise Compass Wedding, Dominican Republic If you have visited my social media accounts then you may have spotted a few of my wedding pictures that I posted after my tropical turquoise wedding in the Dominican Republic. If not, this is the first time I am posting wedding pics on the blog! Continue reading

So You’re Getting Married in the Dominican Republic!

Dominican Republic
Of course our friends and family were not surprised when Corey and I decided to have a destination wedding in the Caribbean. The perfect wedding in my mind is one where I can walk down the beach to my husband to be. The sand is where my toes belong. When we first started looking at the variety of destinations in the Caribbean we were overwhelmed. They are so many places to choose from! We finally narrowed it down to a few and started weighing all of our options to see which one seemed the most practical and the best fit for us. After looking at what feels like every venue on each island, we finally agreed on the Dominican Republic for our turquoise inspired beach wedding. Continue reading

My Dream Turquoise Wedding Destination Revealed

Cayo Lavantado DominicanSince getting engaged, many of you have been curiously asking WHERE I plan to get married. After getting engaged in late December of 2014, I honestly had no idea where we were going to end up getting married. The options were limitless. We started wedding planning only after we enjoyed being engaged for a few weeks. It was really important for me to just enjoy the excitement of getting engaged for a while before starting the planning phase of our engagement. Unlike other brides, I didn’t have my perfect dream wedding already planned out along with its location. I had nothing planned, and knew nothing. It made it more exciting that way. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a turquoise inspired wedding one way or another. Regardless of where we got married, I wanted turquoise to inspire our planning and be incorporated into the wedding somehow. I’m sure this comes as no shock to you judging by my blog name Turquoise Compass. Continue reading

Photo of the Week- In Paradise with Mom

Last week I had the most incredible time in paradise with my mom in the Dominican Republic. It was amazing to see the Dominican through my mom’s eyes as a first time visitor to the country. I fell in love with Dominicana in 2008 when I backpacked the entire island with my friend. It’s one of my favorite backpacking adventures. My trip back to Samana was just as memorable because I got to share it with my mom. My mom and I enjoyed taking a water taxi to Bacardi Island (formally known as Cayo Levantado), the perfect destination for relaxing on the beach- our favorite place. Cayo Levantado is definitely one of the best beaches in the Samana area.

Cayo Lavantado Dominican

One Month 6 Places

My 14 months off from work has started with a bang! I`ve been on the go since JuneBeach Bay 24th and I won`t stop until I am due back to work in September of 2014. In one month I’ve traveled through North Carolina, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and most recently Dominican Republic. My mom tells me that I`ve had the `travel bug` ever since I was five years old. She reminds me that at five years old, I left her for one week to go to a children`s camp four hours from my home. I excitingly waved goodbye as the bus drove away. Not once did I get homesick. I was born to travel. I haven’t stopped since.

Here are the highlights from my travels this month. I`ve listed my favorites (in order) in each destination. I hope my travels inspire you to try new things and to get out there and explore new and unknown places.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

1. Lobster buying on Naufrage wharf- I was brave to hold the 5lb unbanned lobster!Lobster

2. Photographing the many bald eagles flying above.

3. Spending the afternoon on Naufrage Beach and enjoying the fresh lobster rolls for lunch.

4. Visiting the PEI Brewing Company– My favorite was sampling the mango beer, blueberry beer, lobster lager, and the seasonal ale ‘beach chair lager‘. The Cows chocolate covered chips were the perfect snack for the drive to Charlottetown.

5. Globe World Flavours restaurant in Charlottetown was the perfect place for supper; I enjoyed the fish & chips on the warm sunny patio.

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Adventures in Samana with Mom

Landing back in Samana has brought back so many happyCayo Levantado memories of when I was backpacking in the Dominican Republic five years ago. It is hard to believe it has been five years since I was last here. Samana is one of my favorite Dominican cities because of the natural beauty nearby. The peninsula is bursting with picturesque islands, tranquil virgin beaches, stunning waterfalls, tropical forests, bird sanctuaries, mangroves, caves filled with stalagmites & stalactites, and not to mention the province’s national park Los Haitises. I love exploring the natural wonders of each country that I visit. There is also a variety of activities that you can do in and around the Samana area including snorkeling, scuba diving, catamaran tours, deep sea fishing, whale watching, horseback riding through the jungle, swimming in waterfalls, zipling, jeep safaris through the lush countryside, shopping, and of course getting muddy on a buggy. Samana has it all! My mom is in awe of everything Dominican has to offer.

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When Traveling

So I’ve landed in the Caribbean and I am enjoying my stay in theDominican Republic Dominican Republic. This next week of rest and relaxation is much deserved. Although I started my 14 months off from work on July 1st, I agreed to take a one week contract to mark the grade 8 Pan Canadian Reading Assessments which I finished on Friday. 32, 000 assessments needed to be marked in five days by a small group of experienced teachers. This year’s marking session was held in New Brunswick; I had not been a part of this marking session in previous years as it had been held in different provinces. Within my province I have always been involved in marking district and provincial assessments, yet I have never done so in the summer. As a teacher, I normally wouldn’t give up my summer to work, but knowing I have 13.5 more months to travel I decided to take the opportunity and bank the money for a trip in the fall.

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