You Know it’s a Canadian Winter When…

New BrunswickAfter the east coast of Canada just got hammered with yet again another winter blizzard, I couldn’t be dreaming more of summer than I am now. It’s storms like this that make me long for warm temperatures, sunny skies, hot sand between my toes, and a turquoise beach. Naturally, I’m a summer baby. That’s just the way it is. I can handle winter to an extent (not 6 months of it), but this winter is just giving me the blues. It’s one winter storm after another this year. Apparently, last year was worse, but I was lucky enough to be in Australia at that time. If only I could transport myself there now. I can say that this winter is the worst I’ve ever experienced since moving to New Brunswick. I wasn’t made for winters–just beaches! However, with that being said, I believe in living life the fullest. So I am living in the moment and embracing the snow as best I can. Snow banks and all. If I can’t climb mountains, I’ll just climb snow banks instead. Continue reading

Win 2 Tickets to Christmas at the Coliseum

Turner's Christmas at the Coliseum

Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum

Want to win two tickets to this upcoming event? Well, it’s your lucky day! I’m giving away 4 tickets to this great Holiday event. If you live in Moncton, New Brunswick or are planning a vacation to Moncton Nov 21-23, why not sign up to win today! It’s simple! Check out Turquoise Compass’ Facebook Page for details! Just scroll down until you see the CONTEST post for Magic Hands Festival and Christmas at the Coliseum and simply “like” Turquoise Compass Facebook page to stay up to date on more upcoming contests, “like” the post, and “share” the post on your page. It’s that easy. You’re in.

So what’s Christmas at the Coliseum you ask?

Turner's Christmas at the Coliseum

J.R.’s Kettle Corn

There is no better way to kick off the holiday season then by attending Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum presented by Show Associates Inc. at the Moncton, New Brunswick Coliseum Complex. The annual Christmas event in Moncton celebrated its 26th anniversary last year. The arts-crafts-food-and-antiques show definitely puts me in the holiday spirit. Greg and Claudette Turner produce the show in Moncton and each year they go over the top to produce an even bigger and better show than the previous year. With this year’s show coming up on November 21-23, 2014, Greg and Claudette are ready to put on the best Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum. I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves! Continue reading

Canada’s East Coast Beaches are the Bomb

Nova ScotiaNova ScotiaMy happy place is the beach. I am in my element if by the sea. No matter how rotten of a day I’ve just had, if I make my way to the ocean I know I’ll be alright. My heart has always belonged to the east coast of Canada, and maybe that’s partly because its my home. Even after visiting 32 countries around the world and putting my toes in the sands of countless beaches, I’m still partial to Canada’s east coast beaches. I would prefer if the waters were a bit more turquoise, that palm trees lined the coast, and that the temperatures were a lot more tropical, but my heart and soul belongs to Atlantic Canada’s beaches, especially the ones in southern Nova Scotia. Continue reading

How to Spend 6 Weeks on Australia’s East Coast and See it All!


Coolangatta, Gold Coast

It is hard to believe that I have been in Australia for over two months now. The time is flying by. With only two more weeks, my time in Australia is quickly coming to an end. My first 6 weeks were spent on the spectacular East Coast. I traveled from New South Whales, through the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and all the way up to Northern Queensland. How can I sum up my first 6 weeks in Australia in just one blog post? I am not sure that I can, but I will try. The East Coast gave me my first impressions of Australia, while allowing me countless opportunities to check off items on my bucket list. The East Coast was a dream come true. Continue reading

Tasting at the World Wine and Food Expo

The World Wine Food Expo

World Wine and Food Expo

St. James Gate Chocolate Cake

The ever popular annual event World Wine and Food Expo in Atlantic Canada at the Moncton Coliseum Complex allowed me the opportunity to taste dozens of wines from all over the world. Popular wineries from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, France, Canada, United States, among others had representatives eager to speak to the happy guests in New Brunswick for their 23rd edition of Atlantic Canada’s largest wine event. Each year, more and more wines are added to the tasting tour. The one of a kind grand tasting event provides visitors the opportunity to purchase wines not normally available on the East Coast of Canada. New and up-and-coming wines are working their way into the market and with growing popularity, into liquor stores. The wine expo is the best opportunity to try endless varieties of red, white, rosé, Rosado, and sparkling wines. My taste buds were dancing for joy with unlimited selections of the world’s best Champaign to taste. If you don’t know what kind of wine you like, attending Moncton’s World Wine and Food Expo is the perfect place to sample boundless selections of wines while deciding on your favourites. Continue reading