6 Reasons Greece is the Place to Be

GreeceEver thought about visiting Greece? From Crete, Halikidiki, Ionian Islands, to the South Aegean Islands, you can’t go wrong with any destination in Greece. Feel like island hopping or spending more time on one island, while visiting multiple areas on that island? Sounds like paradise to me. Your perfect vacation in Greece is awaiting you. Greece is a country not to be missed and to make your Greece holiday planning simple, browse the many options First Choice provides for the perfectly turquoise getaway in Greece. My first experience in Greece was mainland sailing, while stopping off on a couple different islands. My favorite part was seeing the coast in the distance from the sailboat. The sights I saw along the way were as if I was in a fairy tale. Although I wasn’t able to visit all of the Greek destinations I imagined, I was still able to get a sample of what Greece can offer. I know that I will return to explore more within this beautiful country. If you didn’t know it already, Greece is the place to be. Continue reading

The Ultimate ‘5 Bests’ in Europe…

EuropeAlthough I have traveled through 15 countries in Europe, I’m no expert on Europe. As fortunate as I was to be able to see 15 countries throughout Europe and Eastern Europe this summer, I only had 30 days so my time was limited. I find it fun to summarize my experiences into lists of the “best”. Are you a nerd like me and enjoy writing lists? Whether it’s lists of things-to do-or lists of things I liked, I love writing lists! Based on my experiences here is a rough guide to the 5 “best” in Europe…

The 5 Best Turquoise Destinations in Europe:
Nice, France
Budva, Montenegro
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Greece Continue reading

7555 Kilometres Later my Heart Belongs to Europe

EuropeAfter traveling through 15 European countries in 30 days, I found out that I traveled 7555 kilometres during that time. Most of which by bus. 7555 kilometres later, I left pieces of myself all over Europe. How could I not fall in love with each destination that I visited? A part of my heart stayed in each country, but I know I will be back someday soon to retrieve the pieces (or end up leaving a different part of my heart and soul there while I am at it). I couldn’t resist the temptation of sprinkling myself all over Europe to assure myself that I would be back. I know I will. Continue reading

Europe: 30 days, 15 Countries

EuropeEurope is no longer a wish, want, or desire. I can finally say I’ve made it to Europe. Europe is checked off my bucket list, although now I have added new European countries to that very same bucket list (Spain, Portugal, Turkey, etc… I could truly go on and on). With each destination that I visit and check off my bucket list, I continue to add new places I’ve learned about, heard about, or still hope to see. All of my worries, anxieties, and excuses about Europe are now in the distance because I can say for sure that Europe is the perfect place to explore. My 30 day bus adventure through Europe with Topdeck brought me to 15 amazing countries. Continue reading

The Roman Baths in Bath, England


Bath, EnglandBath, EnglandAfter visiting Stonehenge, there was one more must-see landmark I wanted to see in England before flying back to Canada–Bath. Although I couldn’t see everything in England, after London, I knew I wanted to make it to Stonehenge and Bath. Bath is a small city of about 90,000 people, popular for its thermal water, old palladium style bridge, Sydney House, Sydney Gardens, Roman ruins, and because it’s the city where Jane Austin used to live. Bath is also a beautiful place to visit because in the distance you can see Wales in the horizon. Continue reading

Stonehenge, Place of Enlightenment

StonehengeStonehengeStonehenge. What can I, an amateur, really say about this ancient prehistoric monument? I feel that pictures alone can do justice to this precious place. Yet, I cannot go without writing a few words about this grand landmark (one of the oldest monuments in the world) seeing as I made it my mission to see it while in England. In partnership with the English Heritage and the National Trust, Stonehenge, which sits just outside of Larkhill, is preserved so that visitors like me can walk in the footsteps of ancient people, while pondering about the stones existence and placement. Continue reading

London’s Must See Sights

London, EnglandLondon, EnglandOf all the major European cities, I never expected to love London as much as I do. London was the starting and ending point to my 15 country European extravaganza. That’s all I expected London to be…the place I started my tour and the place I ended my tour. Upon returning to London after 28 days of traveling around Europe, I had the opportunity to explore London prior to returning to Canada. I had to take the time to see London since my tour ended there anyways, even though I was slightly eager to make it back home after an exhausting and exciting journey around Europe. I had more time in London than any other European city on my tour. The time alone was enough to allow me the opportunity to see the majority of the must see sights in London, while falling in love with the city in the meantime. Continue reading

London is the Landmark Capitol of Europe

London, EnglandIt was a long drive from Amsterdam, Netherlands via Bruges, Belgium back to Calais, France. Taking the Calais ferry back to Dover, England was bitter sweet because I knew that my European adventure would soon be coming to an end. England being the last country on my one month 15 country tour with of Europe with Top Deck. Seeing the White Cliffs of Dover brought to me back to the first day of my tour when I saw the stunning gigantic cliffs for the first time. Although bitter sweet, my journey had come full circle and would soon land me in London, England to finish my eventful dream bucket list tour. Continue reading

Chips, Chocolate, and Waffles in Bruges

Bruges, BelgiumBruges, BelgiumOn the drive back to London, England from Amsterdam, I stopped in Bruges, Belgium for a quick lunch stop. Some stops are shorter than others. This was one of those occasions. I couldn’t go to Europe and not stop over in Belgium for the world’s finest chocolate and waffles. I made the best of my limited time there. When I landed in Bruges, I was told that I couldn’t leave Belgium without enjoying my heart’s desire of hot chips, chocolate, and waffles. I did just that. I was nearly ready to burst. Continue reading

Amsterdam’s Top 10

Amsterdam is especially significant to me because I had the opportunity to spend my birthday in the charming dancing city of lights. Not only that, but on the day of my 31st birthday, I was able to share my special day with with Anne Frank; her spirit lives on. It was a day before my birthday that Anne and her family were found so many fateful years ago. Ironically, I landed in Amsterdam the same day Anne and her family were captured. The day after, my birthday, I walked through Anne Frank’s house remembering her spirit. I found a part of myself there that day. Anne teaches us more about ourselves and without her, we otherwise would not understood.

Here are my Amsterdam top ten favorites:

1. Amsterdam’s sunsetsAmsterdam, Netherlands Continue reading