Not Even the Rats or Snakes Made Me Leave


I went on a 3 night, 4 day camping adventure in the Noosa Everglades and it was an adventure indeed. The word adventure is quite the understatement. As an outdoorsy’ East Coast Canadian, I am used to tenting, yet this camping experience was unlike any I have ever experienced. The word rustic doesn’t quite explain my experience. I truly was camping in the Australian bush. Continue reading

Soaring Through the Sawgrass in the Everglades

The Everglades

The EvergladesThe Everglades National Park is everything you would imagine: miles of saw grass as far as the eyes can see, rivers running in every direction, and alligators swimming alongside airboats full of camera trigger happy visitors. My visit to the Everglades with my cousin was a success! We saw us some gators! Like the others, I too had my cameras (yes two cameras) locked and loaded and ready to “shoot” myself some gators! Not only did we see one gator, but four and a nest full of babies too. Continue reading