10 Days of Yoga to Calm the Mind, Relax the Body, and Warm the Heart

If you’ve been following my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) then you may have noticed the pictures I posted doing yoga poses all over the Maritimes and northern Ontario this fall. With fall in full swing, I’m preparing for the winter to come. My 10 days of yoga challenge helped me to calm the mind, relax the body, and warm the heart in preparation for the coming winter season.  From flying as far north to the Hudson Bay or walking along the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia, my fall season brought me to incredible places in eastern Canada and in Ontario’s northern region. What are your favourite fall memories?

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Fall Brings Colder Weather, Routine, and Healthy Lifestyles

Lebanese food at Basha

Lebanese food

Now that summer is over and fall is in full swing (even though it has already started snowing), the winter months are now looming in the distance. Even with the days getting shorter and darker earlier, life still goes on. As a summer baby, I do my best not to let old man winter hold me in his grip. With heartier meals now being the popular choice, eating healthy is always a concern during the colder months. For many, eating healthy only happens during the summer when there is an abundance of fresh produce and when it’s easy to get outside and be active. Yet, eating healthy and staying active can become a year long initiative that works with any schedule. Continue reading

Fall Colours are Vibrant in Southern Nova Scotia

For Thanksgiving weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to southern Nova Scotia for the long weekend. The fall colours were bright, vibrant, and the maple leaves glistened in the sunlight.  For early October, the weather has been warmer than pervious years and I’m welcoming the warmth and sunlight on my skin. I’ll prolong fall’s typical cold and frost covered mornings for as long as I can. As much as I love the fall colours, I know what the beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves mean—that winter is coming. As you know by now, I’m a summer baby all the way. A sun worshiper as they’re called (just like my mommy). Hence why I chased the sun last year and skipped the Canadian winter and headed to Australia in January. Now I am back to experiencing the beauty of the changing seasons. I witnessed eastern Canada’s summer turn to fall, and soon fall will turn to winter. Nova Scotia Continue reading

Enjoying Atlantic Canada’s Fall Season at the Beach

New BrunswickNew BrunswickAlthough I am no longer in a tropical destination or exotic location, there is no reason why I can’t still enjoy my favorite place–the beach. Now that I am back in Canada, I can appreciate being in one location for longer than a couple weeks. I am lucky enough to live by the coast so I can enjoy the place I always want to be–by the sea. In this moment, I can savour in the ability of still experiencing my passion in my home country: Canada. Continue reading

Cool Mornings and Autumn Colours in Lake Wanaka

New Zealand

In the early hours of the morning I pull myself out of bed to see the sun rise over Lake Wanaka. As I slowly wake and walk through Wanaka the skies begin to come to life. As I near the lake front, I am left gazing at the clouds and mist hovering around the mountains. The mountains surround the lake watching over it like a precious jewel. The lake sparkles from the reflection of the sun on its dark surface. In my eyes, this place is the sacred gem of the south island. Continue reading

Five Fun Fall Favorites

Fall in New Brunswick

Fall in New BrunswickEvery fall I look forward to the leaves on the trees to change colour. The vibrant red, yellow, and orange hues splashed across the landscape in New Brunswick, Canada is incredible. The Maple tress all change colour and “pop” admits the common and abundant Ever Greens. There is something about fall that I love! I don’t know if it’s the cool crisp air or that Thanksgiving is near. With the pumpkins adorning Maritimer front steps, I know that fall is here. Continue reading

Fall in New Brunswick, Canada

As much as I love the beach and the summer season, I absolutely adore the fall. There isFall Reflection something to be said about the vibrant fall colors while hiking and camping. I find the fall to be the perfect season for outdoor activities. It is not too cold and not too hot. It is also the best opportunity to enjoy New Brunswick’s many provincial parks. The parks are always the most beautiful when painted with red, yellow, and orange hues.

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