Whakahoro’s 9000 Acre Blue Duck Station

Blue Duck StationBlue Duck StationAfter hours of driving and what seemed like forever, I arrived to Whakahoro (pronounced Fuck-a-horo, no joke) the most remote region on New Zealand’s north island. The 9000 acre high country farm, otherwise known as “station” in New Zealand, is known as a working farm and environmental conservation station. Blue Duck Lodge as its know is defiantly off the beaten path. With no reception, I was able to spend two nights in the bush to enjoy the quiet and serenity of New Zealand. After hearing so much about the Blue Duck Station from previous Stray passengers I met on the south island prior to flying to the north island, I was excited to see it for myself. Continue reading

A Breath of Fresh Air at Dream Acres Alpacas

Dream Acres Alpacas

Dream Acres AlpacasBefore heading off to my next sunny and warm turquoise destination I challenged myself to experience as many winter activities as possible to share with others what a true Canadian winter is all about. I started my winter bucket list experiences in Nova Scotia for Christmas celebrations with family and friends, then traveled to New Brunswick for the New Year festivities, and finally landed in Ontario to experience an abundance of authentic and fun winter activities. My first stop in Ontario was Dream Acres Alpacas in Matheson, Ontario to visit the Alpacas and tour the farm. The moment I stepped onto the property the alpacas all stopped what they were doing and curiously gazed in my direction. Continue reading