Bueteaful: Natural Earth Friendly Products


BueteafulBueteaful is a New Brunswick based company that produces premium tea and natural products ranging from essential oils, room sprays, to body products, and beyond. Bueteaful believes in using the highest quality tea blends and ingredients, including organic ingredients grown right in Sari’s (the owner’s) own home garden. A majority of her products (which are all handmade with love) are 100% natural and organic. Bueteaful customizes in one of a kind lovable teas, teaware, aromatherapy sprays, healing salves & balms, and lip balms. Who wouldn’t want to buy good for the earth natural products, while supporting a local artisan at the same time? Bueteaful makes it easy for me to get through the harsh Canadian winter (not to mention cold and flu season) and to support my yoga practice with their natural body products and tea. Luckily for me, I can find Bueteaful at my local Farmers Market. Continue reading

11 Hour Layover in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles AreaIt would appear that Los Angeles is my second home because I am there so often. I think it just might be! It seems that every flight I take I connect through LA. Many of the workshops I attend are also in the LA area. I have been in the LA area more times than I can count in the last 7 months. I’m happy to connect through LA anytime; it is a great place to be. If any place will become my home away from home I am happy to make it LA. Was I meant to be born a California girl? Continue reading

Buy Local at the Farmer’s Market

Moncton Farmer's Market

Moncton Farmer’s Market

Natural, organic, home-grown, and home-made, there is nothing better then being able to support the local community than by buying local at a farmer’s market. Regardless of what city I am visiting, I am always excited to visit the local farmer’s market. I love browsing the vendors and exploring the new up-and-coming foods and products. Not to mention, the endless taste- tasting at the variety of food booths. I love trying new foods and the farmers market is the perfect place to explore. I often have a hard time choosing what I want to try because the options are endless. I always want to try everything! The market I regularly visit is the Moncton Farmer’s Market in New Brunswick, Canada. Visiting the same market gives me the opportunity to try new things (and buy different products) each time I visit the market. With new vendors popping up at the market each month, I never get tired of the Moncton Farmer’s Market. Continue reading