Taste Testing in Portland Maine


PortlandFor spring break this year my fiancé and I took a spontaneous trip to Portland Maine for a getaway. Since Portland Maine is within driving distance from New Brunswick we felt it was the perfect place for a little vacation. As much as we wanted to go somewhere tropical (and far far away) it just wasn’t financially smart with our upcoming wedding this year. We hoped to find a last minute vacation to the Caribbean within our budget, but we didn’t find anything. Although we didn’t make it to the Caribbean we still went south–to south Portland. Continue reading

Surviving the Holidays with Healthy Snacking

FoodWhen people think of healthy living they automatically think of the words: diet, restrictions, and starvation, but the reality is if you’re on a path of holistic healthy living then you know that eating lots of food is part of the process. It’s all about eating the right foods, the right quantity, and at the right time. Following my last healthy lifestyle post, I was asked by one of my readers to give some specific examples of snack portion sizes, the proper combinations of foods for snacks, and when to eat them based on what I’ve learned thus far on my healthy lifestyle journey. Continue reading

Chips, Chocolate, and Waffles in Bruges

Bruges, BelgiumBruges, BelgiumOn the drive back to London, England from Amsterdam, I stopped in Bruges, Belgium for a quick lunch stop. Some stops are shorter than others. This was one of those occasions. I couldn’t go to Europe and not stop over in Belgium for the world’s finest chocolate and waffles. I made the best of my limited time there. When I landed in Bruges, I was told that I couldn’t leave Belgium without enjoying my heart’s desire of hot chips, chocolate, and waffles. I did just that. I was nearly ready to burst. Continue reading

Munich, city of hearty food and oom-pah bands

Munich, GermanyMunich, GermanyAfter departing Venice, Italy and driving through Italy toward Germany, I crossed the Austrian border and drove through Austria before entering Germany. It’s a shame my tour didn’t have time to stop so that I could experience Austria, even if it reminded me of Switzerland. In each country that I drove through the landscape changed significantly. The highway was lined by towering mountains on either side of the highway, with cloud and mist hovering at the base of the mountains. It is said that Munich, Germany is a whole world of its own compared to other cities in Germany. With only one night in Munich, I had to make the most of my time by sampling the best of what Munich offers: architecture (traditional & modern), music, food, and drink. Continue reading

Finding Home While Away

Al's Deli
After traveling for nearly 5 months straight, I started longing for my simple home comforts while on the road. Bouncing from place to place, sleeping in uncomfortable (and sometimes dirty) beds, socializing with strangers, living out of a suit case, while trying to make a hostel my home at times made me want the simple things in life. I never get tired of flying,  traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places, and doing new things; yet, it is the small things that can get old really quick. I’m reminded of a YouTube video called Jessica’s Daily Affirmation, of a curly blonde hair child singing to herself in the mirror, “…I like my dad, I like my hair, I love my haircuts, I like my pajamas, I like my stuff, I like my whole house…”. How ironic that her name is also Jessica. I can sense the passion in her voice, as I feel the same way about my home (I love my house!).  The little girl does a better job than me at describing how much she likes where she is living. There gets a point while on the move when I just miss my bed, bathroom, kitchen, and a sense of normality. However, you know as well as I do that as soon as I am home for a couple weeks enjoying those “missed luxuries” that I will be already dreaming and longing for another journey. Continue reading

The Best of What Margaret River Has to Offer

The Margaret River region in South West Australia has so much to offer the traveler seeking it all: turquoise beaches, adventure, one of a kind landscapes, gourmet food, and delicious wine. You could spend weeks in the Margaret River area and never run out of things to do. The rugged untouched landscape along the coast will have you entranced within moments. The wildlife on the roadside will have you slowing down and paying attention to details in seconds. The vast range of fine foods and wines will have you nibbling the days away. The forests and caves will have you off on an adventure in a minute. I was surprised by all that Margaret River had to offer me…as a hyperactive traveler. I was relieved that it had it all; I didn’t have to choose just one activity. Not a day went by when I wasn’t out exploring the area and finding new and unique things to see and do.


Margaret River

Hamelin Bay

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Tasting and Sipping My Way through Margaret River

You can’t visit Western Australia without visiting stunning Margaret River in South West Australia. Margaret River (277 kilometres south of Perth) is known for its astound Australian wine production and tourism. The Mediterranean weather is perfect for vineyards and wine production. Many visit Margaret River to escape the extreme summer heat and harsh winter temperatures. The beautiful green landscape has vines covering over 50 square kilometres and over 140 wineries in the area; the South West region is the perfect place for a tasting and sipping tour. Although wineries range in size, most are small intimate family run wineries with their own unique style and feel. Touring the one of kind wineries and expansive properties was a post card perfect view of Australia-a different experience for me in Australia.

Margaret River


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Stay and Dine at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa


Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

There is more than snow in Northern Ontario during the winter season! Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa in Timmins is known for its impressive lodging and exquisite food. The 175 acre resort & spa boasts some of the best scenery in Timmins (I would have to agree), yet is located minutes from downtown Timmins. The resort & spa is made up of one main building (resort rooms, restaurant, spa, conference rooms, wedding facility, etc…) with an extension of 5 stunning chalets, and a nature park. Timmins’ first ever wellness spa  Le Spa Grande Nature and rustic high class restaurant The Voyageur Dining Room makes Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa stand out and shine in Ontario’s Northern city. Continue reading

Oh Montreal, You Make My Taste Buds Dance



There is nothing I love more than the FOOD in Montreal, Quebec. Every time I visit Montreal I look forward to trying the variety of traditional and cultural foods. From Montreal bagels (yes, they are different from regular bagels), traditional poutine (fresh cut French-fries smothered with gravy and cheese curds), Greek, to Lebanese, I love it all. I know that when I visit Montreal I won’t worry about what I eat, because I will want to try it all. With unlimited markets, restaurants, street vendors, and food trucks I’ll be eating my way through the vacation. Continue reading

Tasting at the World Wine and Food Expo

The World Wine Food Expo

World Wine and Food Expo

St. James Gate Chocolate Cake

The ever popular annual event World Wine and Food Expo in Atlantic Canada at the Moncton Coliseum Complex allowed me the opportunity to taste dozens of wines from all over the world. Popular wineries from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, France, Canada, United States, among others had representatives eager to speak to the happy guests in New Brunswick for their 23rd edition of Atlantic Canada’s largest wine event. Each year, more and more wines are added to the tasting tour. The one of a kind grand tasting event provides visitors the opportunity to purchase wines not normally available on the East Coast of Canada. New and up-and-coming wines are working their way into the market and with growing popularity, into liquor stores. The wine expo is the best opportunity to try endless varieties of red, white, rosé, Rosado, and sparkling wines. My taste buds were dancing for joy with unlimited selections of the world’s best Champaign to taste. If you don’t know what kind of wine you like, attending Moncton’s World Wine and Food Expo is the perfect place to sample boundless selections of wines while deciding on your favourites. Continue reading