Getting Close to Nature in the Great Outdoors

Millson Forestry ServiceRegardless of where I am traveling, I try to find things to do in the great outdoors. Nothing feels better than the refreshing air of Northern Ontario’s great outdoors (minus the misquotes). I really get a sense of a place when I can experience nature up close. I typically hike in each destination that I visit, but I’m always looking for new and unique ways to get close with nature. Through Tourism Timmins, Timmins Ontario offered me two one of a kind experiences which allowed me to get down to earth with mother nature. Visiting the Millson Forestry Service and Timmins Ecological Beekeeping Association had me on my toes learning about how these two organizations help the environment. Continue reading

The Best of What Margaret River Has to Offer

The Margaret River region in South West Australia has so much to offer the traveler seeking it all: turquoise beaches, adventure, one of a kind landscapes, gourmet food, and delicious wine. You could spend weeks in the Margaret River area and never run out of things to do. The rugged untouched landscape along the coast will have you entranced within moments. The wildlife on the roadside will have you slowing down and paying attention to details in seconds. The vast range of fine foods and wines will have you nibbling the days away. The forests and caves will have you off on an adventure in a minute. I was surprised by all that Margaret River had to offer me…as a hyperactive traveler. I was relieved that it had it all; I didn’t have to choose just one activity. Not a day went by when I wasn’t out exploring the area and finding new and unique things to see and do.


Margaret River

Hamelin Bay

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