Freestone’s Turquoise Roadhaven


Freestone’s 1960’s diner and malt shop caught my eye in Aireys Inlet along the Great Ocean Road. The brightly coloured Barefoot Bar & Malt Shop is known for its one of a kind diner food, turquoise vintage look, and famous ’57 Chevy movie prop straight from Disneyland. The Classic Car Garage displays classic cars for diners to see. Freestone’s beach inspired diner took me right back to the 1960’s while traveling along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Continue reading

Highlights of the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Barwon Heads

After visiting the Great Ocean Road, I knew I wanted to see it a second time to stop at all the places I missed the first time around. The Great Ocean Road is a road trip I could do over and over again. The world renowned one of a kind turquoise coast was more than I could have expected. With no expectations prior to visiting, I was absolutely blown away by the incredible jagged coastline. The multi-coloured rock face along the cliffs was picture perfect. I honestly never thought that Australia could have such one of kind spots in every region I visited. At some point, I expected to be let down or that a place couldn’t top the prior, but Australia continued to leave me hanging on and wanting more. Continue reading

Reuniting on the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Traveling to Australia has always been my dream. It started when I was in university. I watched my friends Facebook walls intently as they posted what seemed like hundreds of stunning turquoise images of their travels through Australia. I was instantly hooked. I won’t say that I was jealous per say, as I did my fair share of traveling while in university as well, but to different (much closer) destinations which included experiences like volunteering in the Bahamas, studying in Texas, attending Mardi Gras in Louisiana, and of course exploring New York, New York, among others. Even still, for some reason, there was a void that couldn’t be filled by any destination other than Australia. Finally, at thirty years old, I’ve made that longing a reality. Continue reading

Heads Up, Kangaroos on the Golf Course

My second time seeing wild kangaroos along the Great Ocean Road was much more dramatic than the first time I saw them in western Australia. Apparently, their place of choice for a late afternoon snack is the golf course in Anglesea. They frequent the area regardless of the flying golf balls. I’ve been told that it’s not a surprise when kangaroos get hit by golf balls. Their taste for the lush green grass on the course is too strong to let the golf balls deter them.  Some have been seen so often that they have been tagged and named. The almost tame kangaroos were not bothered by my presence.

Kangaroos in Anglesea

Hi, my name is Jim!

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Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat

Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat

During my road trip along the Great Ocean Road I decided to stay at the Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat in Lavers Hill. Part of the allure to stay at the family run Fauna Australia Wildlife Retreat was the fact that accommodation came paired with one of a kind Australian animal encounters. The retreat is not open to the public, but only available for retreat guests. The intimate visit with the animals allowed me learn more about native Australian species while getting up close and personal with my various furry friends. Included in my stay I was able to bottle feed a 8 month old baby wombat, hand feed wombats, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, ponies, calves, a baby deer, while also stopping to talk to a parrot. At night, the many rare free range nocturnal animals would appear.

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On the Road with Turquoise Compass

Guest Post by Quirky Bikini
Great Ocean Road

Homemade Eggs Florentine is what greets us as we rise and shine on our first morning along the Great Ocean Road. Jessica and I have just had a great sleep in a cottage-style home surrounded by the dewy forest.  

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