And the Winner Is…

Hint of Lime

My friend Amanda of Ask Amanda May selected a random winner from the Hint of Lime Designs contest entrants! And the winner is…Catherine Gagnon, a fellow Canadian lifestyle blogger of CTeachr! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered the Hint of Lime contest!

Stay tuned for more contests COMING SOON!

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Last Day to Enter to Win a Hint of Lime Handcrafted Bag

Hint of Lime Designs

This one of a kind handcrafted Hint of Lime Designs bag is up for grabs and it could be yours–just enter to win! One day left to enter–you have until midnight tonight Atlantic Standard Time. Just hop over to my Turquoise Compass Facebook and/or Instagram page to comment and share/repost! That’s it! Contest open to Canada/USA/UK residents Continue reading

I’ve Teamed up with Hint of Lime to Bring You a Fabulous Contest!

Hint of Lime Designs

This “One-of-a-Lime” (only one was ever made guaranteed) bag is ready for its new home. Will it be with you? One week left to enter. The contest ends on June 30th at midnight Atlantic Standard Time. Contest open to Canada/USA/UK residents

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Want to Win a One of a Kind Hint of Lime Designs Owl Bag?

Hint of Lime Designs

It’s not too late to enter! The contest ends on June 30th. Contest open to Canada/USA/UK residents

Check out the contest entry details here!

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Contest: Enter to Win a Hint of Lime Designs ‘One of a Lime’ Bag

Hint of Lime Designs


CONTEST TIME (open to Canada/USA/UK residents): Enter to win a FREE ‘one of a lime’ medium sized artisan bag by Hint of Lime Designs. In collaboration with Hint of Lime Designs, we are GIVING AWAY a FREE one of a kind hand-made bag! Hint of lime designs unique one of a kind (one of a lime) and limited edition (limited lime) artisanal bags! Not only does Sascha handcraft these amazing bags with original modern designs, she creates the bags with either vinyl or cotton lining perfect for people on the go. I use my funky purple and turquoise Hint of Lime Designs vinyl lined bag to hold my essential oils in my yoga bag. What will you use your bag for? Hint of Lime is for “people who love COLOURFUL WHIMSY and aren’t afraid to show it”! Are you ready to get your hands on your very own ONE OF A LIME owl bag with just a hint of lime (and turquoise of course)? See below for contest entry details.

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A Hint of Lime is in My Yoga Bag

Hint of Lime Designs
As a yoga teacher and regular practitioner, I’m constantly transporting clothes and yoga gear to and from yoga studios, outdoor locations, and workshop venues. I’m always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to transport my items, while still keeping things light and compact as much as possible. Although I need practical items, I still want colourful and fun items to spice up my yogi lifestyle! It took me nearly a year to find a yoga bag suitable to carry my favourite natural rubber yoga mat and yoga accessories. Thankfully, Dusky Leaf’s bright cerulean blue B.I.G Yoga Bag saved the day! Once I found the perfect eco-friendly canvas bag large enough to carry my mat with room left over for other items, it was time to perfect exactly what essential items I needed in my bag for a smooth and supported yoga practice.

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