Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women

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MexicoThe last destination I visited (for the second time–yes, I loved it that much) before departing Mexico during my first visit was Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women. Isla Mujeres can be reached by a quick ferry from Cancun island. The small island is famous for its palm fringed beaches, quiet relaxing atmosphere (quite the change from Cancun), and its sunsets. The island of women was the perfect place to relax after busily traveling throughout the three provinces on the peninsula and Belize the month prior. I’m known as quite the “hyperactive traveler”–in fact, I got this name in Mexico from another female traveler from England whom I met during that first solo backpacaking adventure. She couldn’t keep up with me. The name stuck. To this day, I’m still considered a hyperactive busy bee traveler who loves to see it all…Mexico Continue reading

The Best of Traveling Solo in Quintana Roo, Mexico

MexicoThe Mexican Diaries
Landing in Mexico as a Solo Female Backpacker

Upon arriving to Cancun, I made my way to the Cancun Island—the hotel strip and central touristy area of Cancun. I was interested in seeing the 25 kilometres of beaches that Cancun offers. After walking 10 kilometres of beaches, I enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and snorkelling. After I had enough of the touristy Cancun, I made my way back to real Cancun where I went to the Cancun market and explored the various plazas in the area for a true cultural experience. Authentic Cancun had more to offer me than the very Americanized touristy Cancun Island strip. I didn’t leave North America to experience an area similar to home; I wanted to emerge myself in a completely new culture and lifestyle. After one night in Mexico, I still did not know where I would be going next, but I knew that I needed to make my way out of Cancun and to some place off the beaten path. I did exactly that. Continue reading