Stand Up Paddleboarding in Puerto Rico

Carolina Paddleboarding

Isla Verde

I tried Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) for the first time in Hawaii about a month ago. After instantly falling in love with the sport, I was bound and determined to do it again as soon as possible. My second SUP adventure also happened on an island, but this time on the island of Puerto Rico in Isla Verde with Carolina Paddleboarding. Alejandro (Alex) Calaf, founder of Carolina Paddleboarding, took me on a SUP adventure of a lifetime from Isla Verde beach to Boca de Cangrejos and into Pinones lagoon and back. My half day SUP private tour gave me the best of both worlds: open ocean paddling and calm lagoon paddling. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon on the water in sunny Puerto Rico. Continue reading

Turquoise Thursday: In the Shot with my XShot

Playing with my XShot

I finally had the opportunity to try out my pocket XShot camera extender at the beach in Puerto Rico. The pocket XShot extender is the perfect size to carry around during my full day expeditions. When I am traveling, I usually wake up early in the morning and stay busy throughout the whole day! I don’t need another large and heavy item to carry around in my backpack. The pocket XShot is small enough to fit in my pocket (obviously) or in one of the small pockets in my book bag without adding any extra weight. Since I usually travel by myself I hardly get in any of the pictures! That’s not a problem anymore! With my XShot extender I am able to get in the shot without having to ask a stranger to take a picture of me. Continue reading