My Dream Turquoise Inspired Wedding in the Tropics

Turquoise Compass Wedding, Dominican RepublicTurquoise Compass Wedding, Dominican RepublicI am left speechless after my dream turquoise wedding in the Dominican Republic. It was everything I had dreamed of and more. If you have been following my engagement, wedding dress shopping, celebrations, and wedding planning over the 8 months of our engagement–the big day finally came. It arrived in what felt like a blink of an eye, and passed in a heartbeat. It’s hard to believe that I married the man of my dreams on a tropical palm fringed island. Floating down a white sandy isle on a sunny day to a man standing in front of a beautiful twinkling turquoise sea with not a cloud in the sky was beyond what I had imagined. That same man swept me off my feet 5 years ago. I met him under a white gazebo on the beach to be joined together for eternity. It was one of the most spectacular moments of my life. I bet it’s no surprise to you that turquoise was the inspiration of our wedding week in the Caribbean! Continue reading

Turquoise Tropical Wedding Sneak Peek

Turquoise Compass Wedding, Dominican Republic If you have visited my social media accounts then you may have spotted a few of my wedding pictures that I posted after my tropical turquoise wedding in the Dominican Republic. If not, this is the first time I am posting wedding pics on the blog! Continue reading

So You’re Getting Married in the Dominican Republic!

Dominican Republic
Of course our friends and family were not surprised when Corey and I decided to have a destination wedding in the Caribbean. The perfect wedding in my mind is one where I can walk down the beach to my husband to be. The sand is where my toes belong. When we first started looking at the variety of destinations in the Caribbean we were overwhelmed. They are so many places to choose from! We finally narrowed it down to a few and started weighing all of our options to see which one seemed the most practical and the best fit for us. After looking at what feels like every venue on each island, we finally agreed on the Dominican Republic for our turquoise inspired beach wedding. Continue reading

Photo of the Week- Isla De Ometepe

Lately I’ve been reminiscing about my first ever backpacking trip to Nicaragua in 2007. It was that trip that spiked my interest in traveling and led me to a life fueled by exploring the world. Nicaragua was and still is one of my favorite countries. I can’t help but think about one of my favorite places in the country- Isla De Ometepe (the island of two mountains). This unique island was formed by two volcanos rising out from the fresh water Lake Nicaragua, the largest island in Lake Nicaragua, and the largest lake in Central America. It’s been almost 8 years since I have been to Nica and I’ve always dreamed about returning~! After looking at my pictures I know I must return. Now the question is when?


Feeding Wild Rock Wallabies on Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island, a short ferry ride from Townsville, Australia is one of the few places (if not the only place) in Australia where you can feed wild Rock Wallabies. At dusk, the Rock Wallibies hang out in Arcadia near the pier. When I drove up to the pier I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Continue reading