Fighting the Wind to get Stronger

Endless Adventures Hawaii

One of the hardest water sports is now officially kite surfing. I love all water sports and I have practically tried them all, but kite surfing is definitely one of the more difficult sports! I’ve always wanted to try kite surfing and I finally had the opportunity to take a 3 hour kite surfing lesson in Kailua with Endless Adventures Hawaii. Before trying kite surfing, I thought it would be like most other water sports I’ve tried…fairly easy for me. I was wrong. I didn’t expect to struggle as much as I did. My instructor was extremely encouraging and patient with me as I became frustrated that I didn’t catch on as quickly as I expected. I continued to push myself out of my comfort zone enough though I felt like a failure. My instructor kept reassuring me that I was doing great, but I felt completely out of my limit. I don’t know what I would have done without my instructor, he was amazing! He helped me feel confident even when I felt there was no hope for me ever learning how to kite surf. Continue reading