Stranger Saves the Day

The service at Texas Roadhouse in Bangor, Maine was incredible! Not only did our server Ira go out of his way to give my friends and I excellent service (for the majority of us it was our first time), but he went above and beyond to help me locate my lost wallet and passport. I realized at the restaurant that I had earlier in the day lost my passport/wallet somewhere while shopping in Freeport, Maine. Now in Bangor, I was frantic about what I was going to do! How would I leave the country (I am a Canadian)? I would have to get all new identification cards! How would I pay for the remainder of my trip–including skydiving which I planned for my birthday? Frazzled and visibly upset, Ira exceeded my expectations to get the restaurant’s Wi-Fi password (of course, just my luck, no free Wi-Fi) to use his phone to search for phone numbers of places where I thought I might have lost my belongings. Not only did he find phone numbers for us, but he also called some places and actually found the location of my lost wallet and passport! It was at Starbucks in Freeport, Maine. The one place I believed it was not. I thought I had dropped it in a parking lot somewhere.

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