Sailing and Paddling Clear Turquoise Water in Cuba

Sailing and Paddling

Sailing and Paddling

As you may have guessed, or probably already know by now… I love the ocean. Being on, or in the sea is the best place to be (no rhyme intended- that’s the English teacher in me coming out). Whenever I get the chance, I’ll find a way to be on a beach doing what I do best: walking on the beach, wadding in its sultry water, laying in the sand under the warm sun, or being active on it/in it. What goes hand in hand with being a beach bum? My passion for water sports! While in Cuba, I had the chance to sail the spectacular turquoise water on a catamaran and paddle my way through the stunning turquoise blue Caribbean sea. Continue reading

Turquoise Thursday: Kayaking in a Turquoise Dream


Kayaking with Twogood Kayaks in Kailua

Twogood Kayaks TourKayaking off the Eastern coast of Oahu, Hawaii, the windward side of the island, was a turquoise dream. I can’t imagine a better place to go kayaking. Twogood Kayaks half day adventure guided paddling tour across the calm water of Kailua bay to the State Wildlife Sanctuary- Mokulua Islands was incredible. Moku Nui’s tropical pristine white sandy beach, wildlife, secret cove, and rugged lava encrusted terrain was one of a kind. Continue reading