New Zealand Lord of the Rings Tour

New Zealand

New Zealand One of the main reasons I wanted to visit New Zealand was because I wanted to see the scenery from Lord of the Rings. After watching the Lord of the Rings series, I was bound and determined to see what I saw in the film in person with my own two eyes. Knowing that the movies were filmed in New Zealand made visiting even more exciting because I knew I would soon be walking through Middle-earth. Now that I have seen the dramatic mountain scenery, I can understand why Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings cast and crew chose NZ. Continue reading

Turquoise Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

While traveling throughout New Zealand I was always on the lookout for turquoise treasures (as I do in each destination that I visit). Typically, I visit very well-known turquoise places where turquoise can easily be spotted. New Zealand was a country where I had to search a little bit harder to find those turquoise spots, but I found them nonetheless. I knew prior to going to New Zealand that it is known for its mountains and not turquoise surroundings, yet I was constantly left excited to see the turquoise gems in each region. Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown Continue reading

3 Days, 4 Provinces: Time to Rejuvenate

I’ve been known as a hyperactive tourist and a fast track traveler. In three days, ISunset traveled through New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia via plane, car, and boat. After my two day trip in the two-seater Diamond Aircraft with my boyfriend across New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, I immediately drove to Saint John, New Brunswick to catch the Princess of Acadia Ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia to spend time with my family in Southern Nova Scotia. When I am traveling, my trips are often planned back to back to experience the most I can in the least amount of time. There are pros and cons to this style of travel. Sometimes I stress myself out by traveling so much, doing too much, and making plans with too many people. Yet in the end, I am always gracious to have had the opportunity to experience so many new and unique things.

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