Nothing Says Travel Decor Like PinkSky Co

PinkSky Co

With a natural born love for travel and the fact that I’m married to a commercial pilot, it’s no surprise that we decorated the nursery in a travel theme. Prior to our baby’s birth, we didn’t know the gender. I couldn’t wait to have the greatest surprise of my life – even though the waiting was torture for my poor husband. For that reason, we wanted the nursery to be unique, yet remain gender neutral. As for the colour scheme, we went with crisp white, pale greys, various shades of turquoise, and pops of vibrant primary colours. I knew once the baby arrived, I could add more gender-specific colours and decor to the room if desired – although I’m not a fan of gender-specific anything. I knew my colour choices would work perfectly for both a boy or a girl. Continue reading

Keeping Mexico Alive in our Home with Modern Map Art

Modern Map Art

Modern Map ArtViva Las MEXICO! Mexico is a country that’s near and dear to mine and my husband’s hearts! From backpacking, turquoise adventures, all-in-luxury, to a hideaway honeymoon, our hearts remain and will forever stay with Mexico! As much as we love visiting new destinations (and we try really hard to do so), there is something special about Mexico that keeps luring us back. My husband Corey didn’t quite understand what I meant when I talked endlessly about my backpacking days in Mexico until he experienced it for the first time himself. Now that he’s been for our honeymoon and one year anniversary, Mexico has its full grip on his heart too! Have you ever been somewhere and left a part of yourself behind? Mexico is that place for us. Our hearts belong to Mexico. Mexico is a place where you can lose yourself, find yourself, and rediscover yourself all in one trip. Its white sand and turquoise waters has the mesmerizing power to transform your thinking and give your a clear perspective. It’s not surprising that when I heard of Modern Map Art’s (founded in 2016) new & fresh map prints,  I just HAD to get my hands on one of their Enhanced Matte Mexico Map Posters for our home! Now we can put our love (and memories) of Mexico in the center of house!

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We’re on the Move Again|Moving with the Tides to Halifax

Peggy's Cove

Peggy’s Cove

Peggy's Cove

Peggy’s Cove

My mother recently shared a saying with me she saw online (even before we heard the news): “Advice from the ocean: be SHORE of yourself, come out of your SHELL, take time to COAST, avoid PIER pressure, SEA life’s beauty, don’t get TIDE down, MAKE WAVES “, and it couldn’t be more true! We are coasting, seeing life’s beauty, and making waves along the way! Looks like we are meant be living back on the OCEAN. Well, as you probably expected, we are on the move again! Surprised? I’m not! I’m moving to my fourth city in under 12 months. The joys of being a pilot wife; everyday is an adventure! We have been transferred to…

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My Forgiveness Fast


Why was I fasting yesterday?

After being inspired by the founder of Yoga in Schools Canada, Breathing Space Yoga Studios, and MY incredible yoga teacher Jenny Kierstead, I decided to take a day for myself and fast for 18 hours! 18 being significant and representing the number 108, a sacred number in the yoga tradition–the distance between the earth and the sun is apporx 108 times the sun’s diameter, there are said to be 108 energy lines converging to and from the heart, among MANY other significances. Yesterday I reflected, wrote, and observed nature during my fast. I’m called it my FORGIVENESS FAST! Continue reading

Peace of Mind and Piece of Luxury with West Lake

West LakeI’m always on the hunt for Canadian made quality natural products free from parabens, chemicals, and petroleum products/by-products. I’m sure you’re with me when I say that I want to know what’s in the products I use and put on my body. Natural products are not only good for us, but they’re also good for the environment. I was lucky enough to be introduced to West Lake Cosmetics on Instagram by a fellow Canadian blogger Couper from Happy Life Pilot Wife who loves using all-natural local products from her home province Ontario, but especially loves West Lake Cosmetics! She told me that she and her family are addicted to the Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar. With that being said, I was instantly intrigued, went over to West Lake’s Intstagram account to browse their many photos and immediately wanted to try a shampoo bar myself (among other products), especially since I have never tried one before. Continue reading

Spring Brings Change and New Beginnings

House Sold

After 10 months of our east coast home being on the market, it has finally SOLD! What a relief and blessing. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Spring brings change, new beginnings, and adventure! What’s in store for us? In a couple of weeks, we’ll officially be homeless! With no idea where we are moving or where we will be living, I’ll leave it up to fate to decide! Let our Porter Airlines journey begin!

Can you believe that I’m actually okay with this?

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Photo Credit Philip Boudreau Photography

Photo Credit Philip Boudreau Photography

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Throughout Jessica’s travels and experiences, she’s had the privilege to connect with tourism boards, PR and travel companies, and small businesses. Her local and abroad collaboration partnerships provided her with unique content writing opportunities.

Jessica is open to new opportunities and is always interested in creating new connections that align with Turquoise Compass Wellness. Jessica believes in collaboration over competition and that people are stronger and work better together, rather than in isolation. Reach out to Jessica to book a discovery call to get the conversation started if you believe your products, skills, or company are complimentary to Jessica of Turquoise Compass Wellness.


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Your write up was awesome thank you.  It helped us get more business and secure people that were on the fence. I had a customer that wanted to do something different… Her family had been here about 8 times …I sent her the write up and she immediately  booked two days. So all and all a great write up that makes us look super awesome…
-Keawe Adventures, Hawaii

So excited you came out to play with us in Boulder City, NV to zipline with us!!!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!!
-Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon, Nevada

Dear Jessica, the most beautiful writing about my new business, Casa Lila. Thank you so much. You have quite a talent, you should explore and re-invent yourself.  I admire your decision on traveling all the world around, it needs courage and self confidence. I declare now I will do the same in 4-6 years when my kids go to college!!! I may visit you, wherever life takes you. I wish you good things happen to you, you deserve them. My best regards and your friend from Puerto Rico, Rosa
-Casa Lila, Puerto Rico

Dear Jessica,
A Big Thank you for the wonderful write up and display of our hotel. It was such a pleasure to work with you. The write up on the Residence Inn Moncton was wonderful, the pictures were excellent and very inviting. You certainly displayed the message of “feeling at home”. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you in the future.
-Marriott Residence Inn Moncton