London’s Must See Sights

London, EnglandLondon, EnglandOf all the major European cities, I never expected to love London as much as I do. London was the starting and ending point to my 15 country European extravaganza. That’s all I expected London to be…the place I started my tour and the place I ended my tour. Upon returning to London after 28 days of traveling around Europe, I had the opportunity to explore London prior to returning to Canada. I had to take the time to see London since my tour ended there anyways, even though I was slightly eager to make it back home after an exhausting and exciting journey around Europe. I had more time in London than any other European city on my tour. The time alone was enough to allow me the opportunity to see the majority of the must see sights in London, while falling in love with the city in the meantime. Continue reading

London is the Landmark Capitol of Europe

London, EnglandIt was a long drive from Amsterdam, Netherlands via Bruges, Belgium back to Calais, France. Taking the Calais ferry back to Dover, England was bitter sweet because I knew that my European adventure would soon be coming to an end. England being the last country on my one month 15 country tour with of Europe with Top Deck. Seeing the White Cliffs of Dover brought to me back to the first day of my tour when I saw the stunning gigantic cliffs for the first time. Although bitter sweet, my journey had come full circle and would soon land me in London, England to finish my eventful dream bucket list tour. Continue reading

From London to Paris in One Day


After leaving the white chalk-like cliffs of Dover, England, I embarked on a ferry which would take me to France. 90 minutes later, I arrived in Calais, France and after an afternoon of driving I arrived in Paris at dusk. It’s hard to believe just how close everything is in Europe and how just a day before Paris I was in London on my own. One day into my month tour of Europe with TopdecK I knew my trip would be a fast paced whirl wind adventure. Right from the beginning, we left London on a mission and arrived in Paris the same day. Although I didn’t have the amount of time I wanted in each destination, I knew that Topdeck could easily take me to places which would otherwise be difficult for a single female traveler like me (i.e Albania for example). I will consider this trip of Europe a tease and accept the fact that I will want to see more, stay longer, and come back. It is what to be expected from a 30 day tour of Europe while visiting over 15 countries and staying no more than 3 days in each country. Continue reading

Europe is the Perfect Place to Explore


Landing in London

It’s hard to believe that after a 6.5 hour flight from Toronto I landed in London, England at the Gatwick airport. It is surprising that I’ve never made it to Europe before with it being so close to Canada. Previous to my year off, my travels always seemed to bring me south, to the U.S., Caribbean, Central America, and South America. A 6.5 hour flight seems short compared to my 13.5 hour flight from L.A. to Sydney. With all of the flying I am doing I am getting uses to it, or as used to it as you can. My 65th flight in 12 months landed me in London. Continue reading