Moncton’s Marriott Residence Inn

Moncton Residence Inn

Moncton Residence InnAfter days of travel from Oceania to eastern Canada and after spending nearly a week in Nova Scotia, I made it back to New Brunswick. My jet-lag body was yearning for relaxation, yet my mind was busy thinking about all of the things I wanted to do before leaving again. I was excited to make it back to my home province after spending months away to recoup and rejuvenate before my next journey abroad. With only a short amount of time in New Brunswick, I wanted to take advantage of every opportunity I had to sample the best of what Moncton has to offer, just as I would in any city while traveling. The Moncton Residence Inn welcomed me home with open arms. Although I wasn’t in my home per say, the Moncton Residence Inn couldn’t have been closer to it. Continue reading