My Five Favourite Turquoise Destinations in 2013 & 2014

You Should Go There

I’m nominating 5 places in which I think ‘you should go there’. I can’t wait to return to these amazing turquoise destinations.



If you know me then you know that I am a lover of the ocean and the beach!  There is nothing better than being by or in the sea. Growing up in a small fishing village on the coast in Atlantic Canada has made me extremely passionate about being close to the water. I don’t often travel too far from the coast and even if I do it’s not long before I find myself back on a beach. Hawaii is one of the best destinations to be if you are a lover of the sea. With two weeks in Hawaii, I spent every day on the beach and in the water. All of the water sports I did allowed me to get the best turquoise experience Hawaii can offer. I also tried in Hawaii for the first time two items on my 2013 bucket list: kite surfing and paddle boarding. Hawaii truly is one of the best countries if you love to be on the beach and active in the water. Continue reading

South Beach Sunset

Photo of the Week- Again with my obsession with sunsets. I couldn’t help but share this one with you. It was incredible watching the sun go down behind the buildings and to see the sky light up around them.

Destination: South Beach Miami

South Beach

New Air at Miami’s North Beach

Miami North Beach

Getting out of Miami’s South Beach to visit North Beach  for the day was a fresh breath of new air. North Beach has a completely different feel than South Beach. It has an entirely different “air” about it, then the rest of Miami’s hip and bustling beaches. It was well worth the venture to get out of South Beach for a quiet escape North of Miami. Continue reading

Miami’s Turquoise South Beach

Turquoise Thursday

Turquoise Dream Destination: South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami

I’ve finally made it to another one of my dream beach destinations: Miami! Miami’s South Beach is one of the most turquoise USA beaches I have yet to see! Since I arrived in Miami late at night, I wasn’t able to see the beach until the next day. The first thing I did when I woke up in Miami was head straight to the beach (yes, even before breakfast). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it for the first time. It was more turquoise than I expected and even better than I expected! Can you sense my excitement? Continue reading