Falling from a Plane to Flying a Plane

Within a week I fell from a plane and flew a plane! It is hard to believe that I have beenFalling from the Sky to both extremes within a week. I’m always looking for every opportunity to try something new! I usually don’t say no to new opportunities. Well, maybe trying certain slimy and crunchy foods is off limits: bugs. I don’t think I can bring myself to ever trying fried insects. I need to have some limits! People are incredibly brave who have tried them! The idea of it gives me chills.

Flying by the CN Tower

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Photo of the Week- Flying a Diamond

View of downtown Toronto and the CN Tower on my way to London, Ontario in a two-seater Diamond Aircraft. My first flying lesson went incredibly well.

CN Tower

A Pilot All to Myself

Having a boyfriend as a pilot has its benefits. We have the privilegeFlying with Corey of renting a plane anytime we like to fly wherever we like. We get to spend our travel time together and we don’t have to share the aircraft with anyone else. We can travel on our schedule, not someone else`s. We have had the opportunity to fly over our subdivision, Moncton New Brunswick, Hopewell Rocks, Fundy Park, the Chocolate River (also known as the Petitcodiac River), and to see the world`s highest tides from above!

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