Get Your Summer Yoga On at the Park!

Bodywise Yoga Studio

Catherine Dupont

It’s summer! It’s time to get active outside! Have you considered yoga in the park? Change up your fitness routine and try practicing yoga in a new environment, one where your senses will come alive! The sights, sounds, smells, and textures will be sure to energize your soul. Every Thursday from 12:00-12:45pm Bodywise Yoga Studio holds Yoga in the Park at Victoria Park in Moncton, New Brunswick (conditions permitting). If it’s raining, the alternate location is Bodywise Yoga Studio. The cost for summer yoga in the park is either half a punch (if you hold a punch pass) or just $7.25 for a drop in. If it’s your first class ever at Bodywise Yoga Studio the cost is a whopping $5.65. Classes are taught by either Jacynte Leger or Catherine Dupont on a weekly rotation. Each class is unique and one of a kind as each instructor brings their own flair and background to the instruction, yet yoga in the park is accessible for all. Jacynte’s style is a mixture of hatha and kundalini yoga, while Catherine offers a wonderful vinyasa flow (strong & slow, gentle, or a moderate vinyasa depending on the day). Whether you like sun or shade, there is an opportunity for both with the option of cover from the nearby trees. Revitalize your active lifestyle by trying yoga in the park today! Continue reading

Moncton’s Gala Expo Started my Wedding Fever

Gala ExpoGala ExpoGreater Moncton’s Gala Expo bridal show started my wedding fever! The 7th annual Gala Expo at the Moncton Coliseum had everything a bride could dream about including the biggest bridal gown and prom dress sale in the Maritimes, all day live entertainment, fashion shows, a $10,000 giveaway, prizes, and anything and everything wedding related. Although I did not find the dress of my dreams, the 75 industry specialists on site had my imagination immediately running wild with ideas from the moment I stepped foot in the wedding show. Moncton’s Bridal Exhibition has become one of Canada’s most popular interactive wedding expos. Thousands of brides travel from all over the Maritimes to the hub-city to attend this spectacular wedding extravaganza. The Gala Expo also caters to proms and special events; it’s a show not just for brides and grooms and not to be missed. Continue reading

Get Your Morning Yoga On

Bodywise Yoga Studio in Moncton, NB is offering a new morning series with vinyasa, ashtanga, and primary series sessions to help you kick off your 2015 New Year fitness goals. Bodywise

Try your first Bodywise Yoga class today for only $5.65; Bodywise Yoga Studio is on Facebook, and recently joined Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let’s support this local business!

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The New Year Brings a New Yoga You


Mexico, 2008

With a new year coming up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your 2015 bucket list goals and dreams. Instead of using the words New Year’s resolutions, I like to use the words goals and dreams instead–it’s more realistic and long lasting. Resolutions often only last a mere couple weeks, yet goals and dreams are things we strive for, accomplish, and are attainable. Every year, I make a check list of things within my reach that I’d to do or places I’d like to see. Have you started thinking about your 2015 list? Is it your goal to live life to the fullest? Do you want to travel to a new destination? Maybe your goal is something intangible like making a difference in the world. Whatever your goals and dreams may be, know that a new year brings a new beginning. The New Year represents change, opportunities, and a journey to come. I still can’t believe how many items I was able to accomplish on my 2014 bucket list. I’m already thinking about what I’ll be adding to my 2015 bucket list and I can’t wait to get started on my journey. I know for sure that I’ll be including a yoga fitness goal that I’ll be accomplishing at Bodywise Yoga Studio. Continue reading

Bodywise Yoga Studio Ultimate Yogi Giveaway

Bodywise Yoga StudioFrom December 3-December 19th Bodywise Yoga Studio in Moncton, New Brunswick is giving away the ultimate yogi gift pack on Turquoise Compass‘ Facebook page.  With Christmas coming, it’s the perfect time to enter this free giveaway to win as a gift for a loved one (or to keep it all for yourself—it’s okay to be selfish every once in a while right?). Continue reading

From Yang to Yin at BodyWise Yoga Studio

Now that I’ve been practicing yoga at BodyWise Yoga Studio in Moncton, New Brunswick for the last couple months, I’ve had the opportunity to try out the variety of classes offered at the studio. The other day, I shared on my Twitter account: Twitter

which has got me reflecting on my personal journey thus far at Bodywise Yoga Studio. The more I think about this comment, the more I realize that the variety of styles offered at Bodywise Yoga Studio has improved my yoga performance. I’ve always dabbled in yoga, but never practiced regularly. Now that I’ve been practicing regularly (by regular, I mean a minimum of 3-4 times per week), I’m noticing huge improvements, especially due to each unique class challenging me further. Nova Scotia Continue reading

A Seaside Christmas is the Kind of Christmas for Me

Christmas at the Coliseum

@Shy Giraffe- Modern Artisan Jewellery

Going with the theme The Christmas Song (one of my favorite Christmas songs) by Nat King Cole, commonly known as Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, I can’t help but think a seaside Christmas is the kind of Christmas for me. Although I love chestnuts roasting by an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at my nose, turkey, and mistletoe, the thing I love most is a seaside themed Christmas. Most of my house and Christmas Tree decorations are turquoise and beach themed. Last year, I was able to spend the week before Christmas in Puerto Rico. Now that’s the perfect place to celebrate a seaside Christmas. Well, I found my Atlantic Canadian seaside Christmas, not by the sea, but at Turner’s Christmas at the Coliseum. Everywhere I looked I found sea inspired Christmas decorations. This Christmas extravaganza made me feel right at home. Although I won’t be on a tropical beach this Christmas, at least I know that I can surround myself with ocean inspired decorations, not to mention the fact that I’m conveniently located 20 minutes from the beach. Continue reading