Staying in the Swiss Alps

Swiss AlpsSwiss Alps

As soon as I arrived in Lauterbrunnen I dropped my bags and went exploring the quiet village nestled in the valley of the Swiss mountains before dinner. With only a couple days to explore Switzerland, I let no time waste. The glacier formed valley in the alps had so much character and charm. Each house had different coloured shutters and flower boxes adorning each window. The steeple of the beautiful stone church in the center of town reached towards heaven. The ringing bells echoed throughout the town and transported me to a simpler time. The picturesque cemetery behind the church was enclosed by a cast iron fence and the headstones were laden with multicolored flowers and surrounded by vibrant green grass. A cemetery says a lot about a community and this one is cared for with pride and love from cherished memories of loved ones; it was one of the most beautiful cemeteries I have ever seen. This is Switzerland! Continue reading

New Zealand Lord of the Rings Tour

New Zealand

New Zealand One of the main reasons I wanted to visit New Zealand was because I wanted to see the scenery from Lord of the Rings. After watching the Lord of the Rings series, I was bound and determined to see what I saw in the film in person with my own two eyes. Knowing that the movies were filmed in New Zealand made visiting even more exciting because I knew I would soon be walking through Middle-earth. Now that I have seen the dramatic mountain scenery, I can understand why Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings cast and crew chose NZ. Continue reading

Turquoise Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

While traveling throughout New Zealand I was always on the lookout for turquoise treasures (as I do in each destination that I visit). Typically, I visit very well-known turquoise places where turquoise can easily be spotted. New Zealand was a country where I had to search a little bit harder to find those turquoise spots, but I found them nonetheless. I knew prior to going to New Zealand that it is known for its mountains and not turquoise surroundings, yet I was constantly left excited to see the turquoise gems in each region. Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown Continue reading

Mountains, Lakes, Beaches, and Turquoise Water

New Zealand

New ZealandThe drive from Franz Joseph to Wanaka satisfied my desire to be by the water and to see turquoise. If I was given the choice between mountains and beaches I bet you know which one I would choose. Yet on New Zealand’s south island, there was no need to choose because I got the best of both worlds. No matter in what direction we drover, I was brought to out of this world views of mountains, lakes, beaches, and turquoise water. Continue reading

Exploring the Mountains in South East Australia

Photo of the Week- Yarra Ranges National Park, South Eastern Australia


Yarra Ranges National Park