Body-boarding in Noosa’s Turquoise Waves

Turquoise Thursday: Body-boarding in Noosa
If you have been following my blog then you probably know by now that I love the ocean and any and all water sports. If I can be in the water or by the water I am happy. I felt it was time to give body-boarding, also known as buggie-boarding, another go while relaxing on the beach in Noosa. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I fell in Love with Noosa


Noosa is one of those places you visit and feel immediately right at home. Most visitors pass through staying one or two nights longing for more time in the sleepy town. I had 6 blessed nights in Noosa, but felt like I could stay forever. From the moment I arrived, I knew Noosa would be my “vacation” during my busy and fast paced trek through Australia. 7 days of relaxation was in store after visiting 13 regions in Australia in just three quick weeks. Noosa had everything I needed for the perfect serene getaway by the beach. Continue reading

Hiking Noosa National Park with a New Friend


NoosaNoosa National Park and Headlands is one of the most beautiful coastal parks I have ever visited. The coastal track through the park took me through Noosa’s five stunning beaches: Sunshine Beach, Alexandria Bay, Tea Tree Bay, Little Cove, and Main Beach. The spectacular wave cut rock formations, open woodlands, healthlands, and wind swept coastlines makes the park one of a kind. Walking along the high cliff edges above the deep turquoise coloured waters is a hike I will never forget. Continue reading

Clothes Optional, Alexandria Bay

Photo of the Week: Noosa, Australia  

Noosa National Park Coastal Walk- View of Alexandria Bay (nudist beach)

Noosa National Park

Not Even the Rats or Snakes Made Me Leave


I went on a 3 night, 4 day camping adventure in the Noosa Everglades and it was an adventure indeed. The word adventure is quite the understatement. As an outdoorsy’ East Coast Canadian, I am used to tenting, yet this camping experience was unlike any I have ever experienced. The word rustic doesn’t quite explain my experience. I truly was camping in the Australian bush. Continue reading