The Perfect Quaint City of Davis


Davis California is a colourful energetic university city. Spending the day exploring Davis left me smiling and full of life. The small-town feel left me feeling like I was at home yet again. California never ceases to amaze me. My morning began by being dropped off at the perfectly pink Amtrak train station (how cute it is!). After a short walk through down town Davis, I found myself on the University of California Davis campus. The busy campus brought back vivid memories of my own university experiences. Seeing painted signs and decorated side walks, remnants of the university’s welcoming ceremonies, made Davis youthful and vibrant. Those who passed me by happily greeted me with “good morning”; the close knit friendly community made me feel as if I was part of something amazing.

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Busy in Sacramento

Sacramento California has kept me busy for the last two weeks. From yoga at theCapitol Natomas Racket Club to walking in downtown Sacramento on a warm September evening, I have yet to run out of activities during my time in “the Sac”. Sacramento has become my “home away from home” so to speak. The people have been incredibly friendly, welcoming, and hospitable. People I barely know have welcomed me into their homes with open arms. I have blended in with the community of Sacramento and have been giving back in any way that I can. Dog walking and babysitting has made me feel like I am at home, even though I am traveling and living out of a suitcase. The new friends I have met have joined me with excitement to be tourists in their own city. Within the state of California, I’ve yet to meet a group of people more accommodating then the people I’ve met in Sacramento. The quiet and relaxed city of Sacramento made me feel right at home. Continue reading

The Sacramento Zoo from the Eyes of a Child

The Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento ZooI accompanied my friend and her children to the Sacramento Zoo on a quiet afternoon. Watching the kids wander through the zoo in amazement was such a unique and inspiring opportunity. With animals from all over the world including Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas the children were learning about species they didn’t even know existed. Experiencing the zoo from a child’s view was refreshing and entertaining. The zoo’s mission statement: “the Sacramento Zoo inspires appreciation, respect and a connection with wildlife and nature through education, recreation and conservation” matched perfectly with our time at the zoo. Keeping up with the children while zigzagging through the zoo from exhibit to exhibit, kept me on the run for hours.  Continue reading

Photo of the Week-California’s State Capitol

California’s State Capitol Ceiling in the California State Capitol Museum is absolutely stunning! The architecture in the Capitol is intricate and detailed. From Eureka tile groupings, California golden poppy mosaic floors, California’s Great Seal, statues, annex plaques, to a golden ball and cupola, no detail is left unturned.  While touring the heart of the state capital, the rotunda, I was mesmerized by the sheer size of the circular room (53 feet in diameter) and the height of the oculus (128 feet). The checkerboard pattern of the Belgium black and Vermont white tiled marble floor, the decorative murals, and the massive Carrara marble statue: Columbus’ Last Appeal to Queen Isabella, make the room an artist’s heaven. I didn’t expect to see such beauty in the California State Capitol. The artwork and design throughout is endless.

California's State Capitol

Turquoise Thursday: Turquoise Elegance in Sacramento

1937 Cord 812 Beverly

1937 Cord 812 Beverly

I did not expect to find such turquoise elegance in Sacramento at the California Automobile Museum, a non-profit organization. With their special exhibit Elegance in Motion: Cars of the Golden Age, the abundance of beautiful classic cars was beyond what I expected from the California Automobile Museum. I know I am often surprised by my travels, but I am constantly amazed by what I find in each destination that I visit. Each place has something unique to offer. I was ecstatic when I saw the various cars in shades of green, blue, teal, and turquoise. Continue reading

Another World in Old Sacramento

Old SacramentoLeaving San Francisco to arrive in Old Sacramento is like entering another world! Old Sacramento is a National Historic Landmark District and a State Historic Park. The unique area is like no other place I have ever visited. Arriving in Old Sacramento on the cobble streets is as though I have been teleported back to the Old West. The Wild Wild West! Old Sacramento is filled with museums (including the amazing California State Railroad Museum), eclectic shops, one of a kind restaurants, and on-going historical events. Wander through the streets of Old Sacramento to step back in time to take a break from our many modern amenities. Put your electronic devices away to tour Old Sacramento on horse and carriage, join a walking tour, visit one of the museums, or taste test at the many specialty shops along the way. My favorite was nibbling on cashew brittle and fresh popped pop corn while wandering the open streets of Old Sacramento. Continue reading

Smiling in a Maximum Security Penitentiary on Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is one of the most notorious islands in the world. Known as a former army fortress, military prison, home of Native American civil rights resistance, and once maximum security penitentiary. Today, Alcatraz serves as a national parkland with historic gardens, tidepools, bird colonies, and one of the best views of San Francisco! Alcatraz is a part of the Golden gate National Recreation Area and Central California Coast International Biosphere Reserve. The once distant desolate “Rock” is now designated a UNESCO heritage site promoting education and the preservation of habitats of international significance. Continue reading