The Sunrises and Sunsets of Puerto Rico

After looking at many of the pictures I’ve posted on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram a friend informed me that he noticed my interest (or obsession rather) with the sky and the horizon. I guess he has a valid point! I love taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets! Second to the beach, I’ve always had an interest in taking pictures of the skyline. In every destination that I visit, I make an attempt to see at least one sunrise and one sunset. Yet, by the end of trip I’ve seen at least a half a dozen or so.
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Photos of the Week-Old San Juan at Night

During the night of the full moon, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico lit by the moon light left me speechless. The beautifully illuminated city transformed into a whole new world, both elegant and eerie.

This week, I couldn’t pick just one photo to represent Old San Juan at Night.

Old San Juan at Night

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Walking Old San Juan with an Expert

San Cristobal

San Cristobal Fort

I had the opportunity to walk Old San Juan with Javier Ruiz, one of the most knowledgeable local guides in San Juan. Walk San Juan provides private, personal, and custom tours of Old San Juan. The tours take place in groups of less than 8 and last approximately 4 hours. My tour (a group of two) began on Calle Fortaleza, the oldest street in Puerto Rico. I appreciated that Javier custom built a tour specifically for me based on what I had already seen in Old San Juan and what I was interested in seeing. Javier knew exactly where to take me in one of the oldest cities in the Americas. He not only knew all of the secret spots throughout Old San Juan, but also had the historical information to go along with the sights we were seeing. Continue reading

Making Cheese in Old San Juan

The View from Casa Lila

The View from Casa Lila

Making cheese in Old San Juan is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had while traveling! Who would have thought that I could learn how to make cheese while traveling in one of the oldest cities in the Americas? Rosa from Casa Lila taught me how to make Queso Blanco in her beautiful 300 year old historic home in the heart of Old San Juan across from Fuerte San Cristobal, the largest Spanish fortification built in the Americas. The experience was one of a kind and a memory I will have with me forever. When I thought it couldn’t get any better, the cheese making workshop took place over looking the beautiful turquoise Atlantic Ocean. Continue reading

Old San Juan’s Beloved Casa Blanca Hotel

Casa Blanca Hotel

I don’t think any other hotel could have welcomed me better into Old San Juan, Puerto Rico then the Casa Blanca Hotel. I flew into Puerto Rico close to midnight. With few sights to be seen at that time and with all of my luggage in tow, I headed straight to Old San Juan to check into my hotel. My first impression of Old San Juan was my hotel: Casa Blanca. Let me tell you, I was more than impressed by the colonial, Moroccan, and modern décor. Casa Blanca Hotel is considered one of the most historic hotels in Old San Juan. The building itself is hundreds of years old (built before elevators) and holds such unique character. I knew from the moment I stepped into the Casa Blanca Hotel that I would love my stay in Old San Juan. Continue reading

Turquoise Thursday- Puerto Rico’s Turquoise Architecture

Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico welcomes me with endless turquoise painted buildings, turquoise glistening waters, and unique turquoise souvenirs. I’ve always dreamt of visiting Puerto Rico and that dream is now a reality. I am blessed to have the opportunity to visit this tropical destination. I am happy to skip snow covered streets for sandy beaches this December. Continue reading