My First GoPro Fail

After having a GoPro for a year and a half, I have officially had my first GoPro fail! After turning on all the lights in the room, setting up the GoPro on my XShot perfectly, and snapping hundreds of fun and festive holiday shots, I thought we’d end up with the perfect Christmas pictures. Later after reviewing the pictures we had taken, I realized that our photo shoot was a bomb. Unsuccessful. All of my Christmas Day family photos came out blurry. Although their imperfect, they’re still hilarious and special memories captured with my fiancés family. They’re still keepers.

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Departing a Girlfriend, Returning a Fiancé: The Story of Our Engagement

MontrealAs a teacher, I was anticipating Christmas break weeks prior to the last day of school. As you can imagine, my students, like myself, were anxiously awaiting a much needed holiday. When it finally arrived, I departed the Maritimes bound for Montreal, QC where I would spend part of my break with my boyfriend and his family. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in 10 days so I was extremely excited to see him and spend my first Christmas with he and his family in Montreal. Like a kid in a candy store, I was wide eyed and thrilled to go on a mini-vacation. It was 4 months prior since I had been on a flight and I was starting to get withdrawal. After 14 months of traveling full time to 22 countries and on 65 flights, I was starting to feel more at home on the road than in my actual home. I felt relief and excitement to get my fill of air travel and big city explorations this Christmas break. Continue reading

Exploring the Montreal Jean Talon Market


I’ve been to Montreal countless times, but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the well known Jean Talon Market…until this visit that is. My boyfriend grew up in Montreal and he had never been there previously either. Finally, we made a commitment to explore the famous marketplace. I now know what all the fuss is about! Now that I’ve been, I think I am going to want to visit every time I come to Montreal. Maybe it will become part of my Montreal food tour routine!? Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Montreal

This year I’m spending Christmas in Montreal, Quebec with my boyfriend and his family. I love everything about Montreal. The food, culture, and atmosphere are glorious, especially during this time of the year–Christmas time. This is my first Christmas in Montreal and I am enjoying every last minute of it. Montreal Continue reading

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Flying in the sky

Flying in the sky

After taking 65 flights during my 14 months of full time travel, I can’t believe that I haven’t been on a plane in 4 months. I love flying. I could skip the airports part, but I love going on airplanes. I haven’t been on a flight in what feels like forever, to the point that I’ve been starting to get a bit of withdrawal. When I returned home after traveling around the world I went back work with no definite plans for a near future trip. After 4 months of anxiously awaiting my next flight, I am officially heading to Montreal for Christmas break! My boyfriend and I will be spending Christmas with his family this year. I’m getting a mini-vacation this holiday season after all. Continue reading

Happy Canada Day


Fireworks in Ottawa, 2013

With only 2 months left of full-time travel before I go back to work, I can’t help but reminisce about my favorite Canadian memories over the last 12 months. My sabbatical thus far has me not only experiencing the world’s far away places, but also has me trying new things in my home country–Canada. Even though I have traveled through 7 countries and visited countless destinations in the last 12 months, I’m left with amazing Canadian experiences in between each of my abroad travels. Continue reading

Oh Montreal, You Make My Taste Buds Dance



There is nothing I love more than the FOOD in Montreal, Quebec. Every time I visit Montreal I look forward to trying the variety of traditional and cultural foods. From Montreal bagels (yes, they are different from regular bagels), traditional poutine (fresh cut French-fries smothered with gravy and cheese curds), Greek, to Lebanese, I love it all. I know that when I visit Montreal I won’t worry about what I eat, because I will want to try it all. With unlimited markets, restaurants, street vendors, and food trucks I’ll be eating my way through the vacation. Continue reading

3 Days, 4 Provinces: Time to Rejuvenate

I’ve been known as a hyperactive tourist and a fast track traveler. In three days, ISunset traveled through New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia via plane, car, and boat. After my two day trip in the two-seater Diamond Aircraft with my boyfriend across New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, I immediately drove to Saint John, New Brunswick to catch the Princess of Acadia Ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia to spend time with my family in Southern Nova Scotia. When I am traveling, my trips are often planned back to back to experience the most I can in the least amount of time. There are pros and cons to this style of travel. Sometimes I stress myself out by traveling so much, doing too much, and making plans with too many people. Yet in the end, I am always gracious to have had the opportunity to experience so many new and unique things.

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Falling from a Plane to Flying a Plane

Within a week I fell from a plane and flew a plane! It is hard to believe that I have beenFalling from the Sky to both extremes within a week. I’m always looking for every opportunity to try something new! I usually don’t say no to new opportunities. Well, maybe trying certain slimy and crunchy foods is off limits: bugs. I don’t think I can bring myself to ever trying fried insects. I need to have some limits! People are incredibly brave who have tried them! The idea of it gives me chills.

Flying by the CN Tower

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