Climbing to the Top in San Francisco

Indoor Rock Climbing

Me climbing the ABC wall

I’ve tried outdoor rock climbing once before in Alaska, but never indoor rock climbing. The first time I tried rock climbing I really struggled, so I we nervous to try it a second time. Surprisingly, I did quite well. I also enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait to do it again. I think training at a Crossfit box for over a year definitely helped me with the strength,  endurance, and mobility components of rock climbing. I started off on the beginner wall (with a rating of “0”, or the most basic) literally climbing alphabet letters. Shockingly, I got to the top and reached “Z” in no time. After a short rest, I was challenged to try a wall rated at 5.6. To my surprise, I reached the top after a couple short breaks on the way up! I have no idea how I went from the baby wall to actually rock climbing a “real” wall.

Indoor Rock ClimbingIndoor Rock Climbing

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