The Roman Baths in Bath, England


Bath, EnglandBath, EnglandAfter visiting Stonehenge, there was one more must-see landmark I wanted to see in England before flying back to Canada–Bath. Although I couldn’t see everything in England, after London, I knew I wanted to make it to Stonehenge and Bath. Bath is a small city of about 90,000 people, popular for its thermal water, old palladium style bridge, Sydney House, Sydney Gardens, Roman ruins, and because it’s the city where Jane Austin used to live. Bath is also a beautiful place to visit because in the distance you can see Wales in the horizon. Continue reading

The Mighty Mighty Colosseum and Roman Ruins

RomeWhere do I even begin when writing about Rome’s Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum? These ancient archeological sites are world famous and extraordinary. The massive sites take hours to explore (if not days and days), yet it’s an experience hard to put into words. My exploration of the ancient Roman ruins was a dream come true and something I waited my whole life to see (and I wasn’t even sure if I would ever get the chance to see it). From the Arco di Tito, Piazza di Veneree Rome, Foro di Casare, and Foro di Augusto, I walked the grounds of ancient Rome surrounded by ancient temples and pillars. Now, I am left with goose bumps and no words when trying to express all that I saw. Continue reading

Rome, the Greatest City in the World

Rome, Italy

Rome, ItalyRome is probably my favorite European city (so far) because it’s a mighty city that has everything from culture, food, nature, architecture, art, history, and charisma. Rome captured my heart from the moment I laid eyes on the grand Trevi Fountain (even though it was under construction). The Trevi fountain is 25.9 metres high and 18.9 metres wide; the fountain is huge and is one of the ancient aqueducts that supplied water to ancient Rome. Rome was bigger and better than I ever expected and I couldn’t believe that I had the opportunity to visit the world famous historical city and landmark. Continue reading