San Francisco Skyline At Night

Red and White Fleet

Red and White Fleet

Alcatraz at night

The San Francisco skyline observed from the Bay was glistening at twilight. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay Bridge, San Francisco Ferry Building, Coit Tower, Treasure & Yerba Buena Islands, AT&T Park, and the lights of Alcatraz could be seen from a distance. The bright lively city glowed from a distance; the view was spectacular. There is something special about being on the water. I think I could live on a boat. I would much rather be on the water than on land. I’m somehow connected to the sea in a weird and wonderful way. Seeing San Francisco at night from a boat was the perfect tour for me. With the city illuminated from a distance I was given yet another reason to fall more in love with San Francisco. Continue reading

Three Months and Going Strong

Sacramento River

Sacramento River

So I have been traveling for 3 months already! The time is going by so quickly! I still have 11 months to travel before I go back to work. I am really cherishing the time I have to travel, explore, and to do all the things I didn’t previously have time for. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have an opportunity such as this. It is not everyday that someone can take a year off from their job to travel. I do not take this opportunity for granted. I’ve been saving up and waiting for this opportunity for 6 years; I am blessed that the time is finally here!  During my ‘waiting’ years, I taught for 6 years, changed grade levels, bought a house, completed my Master’s in Education and principal’s certificate, and saved up. I worked hard to earn my year off. Continue reading

Photo of the Week-Up Hill in Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Park Service is a National Monument of California. Muir Woods is also part of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory. Hiking up hill in the redwood forest left me speechless, partly due to the fact that I was hiking steep terrain, and partially because of the beautiful giant redwood and sequoia trees (which are hundreds of years old) that surrounded me. The tallest tree resides in the Bohemian and Cathedral groves standing at over 252 feet tall. The widest tree is over 14 feet wide. Some redwoods are at least 1,000 years old; most mature trees are 500 to 800 years old. Now you can imagine why I was left speechless.

Muir Woods

Smiling in a Maximum Security Penitentiary on Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is one of the most notorious islands in the world. Known as a former army fortress, military prison, home of Native American civil rights resistance, and once maximum security penitentiary. Today, Alcatraz serves as a national parkland with historic gardens, tidepools, bird colonies, and one of the best views of San Francisco! Alcatraz is a part of the Golden gate National Recreation Area and Central California Coast International Biosphere Reserve. The once distant desolate “Rock” is now designated a UNESCO heritage site promoting education and the preservation of habitats of international significance. Continue reading

San Francisco: The best ‘Small Town Feel’ Big City

AT&T ParkI have always wanted to visit San Francisco as it is one of the most iconic cities in California (maybe even in the United States). I have heard much about the Golden Gate Bridge, but I have not heard much more than that about San Francisco (well of course Alcatraz). I did not really know what to expect to see in San Francisco, either than one of the most well-known bridges in the world and most notorious penitentiary. San Francisco kept me entertained for 7 days in one of the best ‘small town feel’ big cities I have ever visited. With endless activities in the San Francisco Bay area, I was left amazed. Continue reading

Turquoise Thursday: San Francisco Painted with Turquoise

San Francisco

Fish Market

I was excited to find the welcoming streets of San Francisco painted with turquoise around every corner. San Francisco is such a lively and bright city. Pier 39 and Fisherman’s wharf is speckled with turquoise amidst the sea of friendly people along San Francisco’s glistening blue Bay. Tourists from all over were stopping to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz which could be seen from a distance. Locals were running and biking on the trails along the Embarcadero Waterfront. The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the ferry building was bustling mid-afternoon with people admiring the goods and crafts being sold. With tourist season ending Labour Day weekend, San Francisco was still busy with visitor’s coming for America’s Cup being held in San Francisco. Kiwis could be heard talking about the races around every corner. I’m excited to continue exploring in San Francisco. Maybe there will be more turquoise secrets to be found.

Bliss jewelry store

Bliss San Francisco Continue reading

Climbing to the Top in San Francisco

Indoor Rock Climbing

Me climbing the ABC wall

I’ve tried outdoor rock climbing once before in Alaska, but never indoor rock climbing. The first time I tried rock climbing I really struggled, so I we nervous to try it a second time. Surprisingly, I did quite well. I also enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait to do it again. I think training at a Crossfit box for over a year definitely helped me with the strength,  endurance, and mobility components of rock climbing. I started off on the beginner wall (with a rating of “0”, or the most basic) literally climbing alphabet letters. Shockingly, I got to the top and reached “Z” in no time. After a short rest, I was challenged to try a wall rated at 5.6. To my surprise, I reached the top after a couple short breaks on the way up! I have no idea how I went from the baby wall to actually rock climbing a “real” wall.

Indoor Rock ClimbingIndoor Rock Climbing

Continue reading