Great Barrier Reef Sail with Ocean Free

Great Barrier Reef

I’ve always dreamt about visiting the world renowned Great Barrier Reef! Who hasn’t? Finally, at 30 years old that dream became a reality. I always knew that some day I would make it to Australia to see all of my dream destinations, but now that I am finally here it hardly feels real. What better way to see the Great Barrier Reef then to see it from a sail boat? Better yet, why not sail out to the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel just off the boat where the coral comes just 1 metre from the surface for the best views of your life? Best of all, why not scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef where you can see ancient one of a kind coral reef, amazingly colourful fish species, and other spectacular marine life, like sea turtles and reef sharks? I saw it all! With the engines turned off and the stunning views all around me, I was left speechless sailing with Ocean Free.

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The Turquoise Maldives

Guest Post by: Maldives Dreamer


The Maldives has always been on my bucket list. Ever since I started traveling at 18 years old, I knew I had to visit the Maldives one day. Although I knew very little about this place – one thing was certain; the beauty was absolutely breathtaking and unlike anything I had ever seen. Hundreds of tiny islands dotted around in the turquoise Indian Ocean. Unique and remote. Deserted. So many shades of blue and turquoise. White beaches. Lush jungle. Peace and quiet. Barefoot luxury. That is perfection in my book! Continue reading