A Recap of my Last Month in Australia in Photos

Instagram Monthly Monday Mayhem
Destinations: western Australia and south eastern Australia

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Touring Mornington Peninsula in the Drizzle

Mornington Peninsula

mornington peninsulaEven though the majority of days in south eastern Australia have been rain, drizzle, cold, and windy (I can count how many times the sun has been out since I arrived in Melbourne) I didn’t want that to stop me from exploring. I have been told countless times that this is the typical fall weather for Melbourne. The weather has been quite a shock in comparison to Queensland and western Australia, but the landscape is still just as breathtaking. I can’t expect the weather to be in favour all the time, especially since I have been traveling full time for 10 months and with 4 months left. There is no better way to lift my spirit then to go on an adventure, yes even in the drizzle. Continue reading

Around Phillip Island in 3 Days

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a small island South East of Melbourne in Australia. The small island is known for its breakwaters, surfing reserves, sheltered swimming beaches, penguins, wildlife, bird watching, and motor sports. As an avid beach lover, I was excited to explore Phillip Island and its endless rugged coastline. Taking a surf lesson for the first time was something I wanted to do before leaving Australia. Phillip Island would be the perfect place to surf in South Eastern Australia. Attending the Penguin Parade was also high on my priority list as I hadn’t seen wild penguins prior to visiting Australia. I couldn’t leave Phillip Island without touring around to see the up close viewings of wildlife and birds.

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Touring Healesville and the Yarra Ranges

Yarra Ranges National Park

Watch for wombats crossing!

Yarra Ranges National ParkThe Yarra Ranges National Park in Victoria, Australia located east of Melbourne houses a variety of bird species, mammals (including the cute and not so cuddly wombat and endangered Leadbeater’s Possum-i.e., the fairy possum), and lush prehistoric-like flora and fauna. Much of the Yarra Ranges is closed to public to protect Melbourne’s water supply. The small portion of the park that is open to the public, near the Yarra River, is considered a popular day trip destination for those who live in Melbourne. Ironically, my first day trip after landing in Melbourne in Eastern Australia was also to visit Healesville and the Yarra Ranges National Park. Continue reading

Exploring the Mountains in South East Australia

Photo of the Week- Yarra Ranges National Park, South Eastern Australia


Yarra Ranges National Park