Toronto Blue Jays Game

TorontoAfter my whirl wind three week trip in eastern Canada, I headed to Toronto for a couple days before departing for Cuba–yes, that’s right, the beautiful and turquoise Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. On a beautiful sunny day in downtown Toronto, I couldn’t have picked a better way to spend my day other than at a Blue Jays Game in the Rogers Center. With the dome open, and the sun shining down on me, I’m reminded that this is what Canadian summer is all about. With everyone painted in red, white, and blue the energy in the stands was undeniable. There is nothing better than experiencing a game live with thousands of others cheering along with you. Continue reading

A World of Sports at Timmins Museum National Exhibition Center

Sports in TimminsExploring the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Center introduced me to the world of sports in Timmins, Ontario. On Your Mark: Sports in Timmins is a community exhibition celebrating the history of sports in Timmins, amateur athletes in Timmins, and those who have gone on to play professional sports. Unbeknownst to most, Timmins has a love for sports and has produced a wealth of athletes. Many of Timmins sport lovers have transformed from miners to successful national and international athletes. Timmins holds pride in their hockey players, skiers, skaters, ball players, and speed skaters who have made it to the top from a small Canadian city. Continue reading