Cool Mornings and Autumn Colours in Lake Wanaka

New Zealand

In the early hours of the morning I pull myself out of bed to see the sun rise over Lake Wanaka. As I slowly wake and walk through Wanaka the skies begin to come to life. As I near the lake front, I am left gazing at the clouds and mist hovering around the mountains. The mountains surround the lake watching over it like a precious jewel. The lake sparkles from the reflection of the sun on its dark surface. In my eyes, this place is the sacred gem of the south island. Continue reading

The Sunrises and Sunsets of Puerto Rico

After looking at many of the pictures I’ve posted on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram a friend informed me that he noticed my interest (or obsession rather) with the sky and the horizon. I guess he has a valid point! I love taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets! Second to the beach, I’ve always had an interest in taking pictures of the skyline. In every destination that I visit, I make an attempt to see at least one sunrise and one sunset. Yet, by the end of trip I’ve seen at least a half a dozen or so.
Puerto Rico Continue reading