Keeping the Eiffel Tower in Sight


I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to visit one of the world’s most famous cities–yet, my travels led me to Europe and landed me in Paris. The iconic grand Eiffel Tower stood in the distance as I walked all corners of the city. From the corner of my eye, I could always see the Eiffel Tower as if reminding me that I made it. Knowing that I wouldn’t have forever in Paris I kept the Eiffel Tower in sight to engrain the memory in my mind forever. Seeing the tower from all corners of the city reminded me at each moment of just how blessed I am. With only a couple days in Paris I needed to see all that I could see in the shortest amount of time. I zoomed around the city seeing all the main sights by foot, alongside other visitors and Parisians. The famous city was bustling, busy, and alive with tourists scattered about amongst locals. Paris was an extremely easy city to get around by foot. All of the main tourist attractions are fairly close together (especially if you enjoy walking). With a good pair of walking shoes on and a croissant in hand, I was good to go, seeing Paris by day and lit at night. Continue reading

Summer Fun and Sailing in Europe


Topdeck Europe Tour

It has finally become a reality to travel to Europe! I have always wanted to visit Europe, but never had the opportunity prior to my year off because I traveled to closer destinations to Canada like Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America for example. My best friend who worked in Europe for years was always trying to persuade me to get over, but it never happened. She thought I was crazy—she obviously knew what I didn’t. I made it a priority to visit Europe during my year off. I started my travels with my dream turquoise destinations: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Miami, and Australia. My 14 months of full-time travel comes to closure with Europe! Continue reading

Europe is the Perfect Place to Explore


Landing in London

It’s hard to believe that after a 6.5 hour flight from Toronto I landed in London, England at the Gatwick airport. It is surprising that I’ve never made it to Europe before with it being so close to Canada. Previous to my year off, my travels always seemed to bring me south, to the U.S., Caribbean, Central America, and South America. A 6.5 hour flight seems short compared to my 13.5 hour flight from L.A. to Sydney. With all of the flying I am doing I am getting uses to it, or as used to it as you can. My 65th flight in 12 months landed me in London. Continue reading

Touring Northern Ontario with Tourism Timmins

Northern OntarioMy recent trip in Canada in between my abroad travels had me experiencing the best of what Northern Ontario has to offer with Tourism Timmins. Tourism Timmins had me out exploring the best of the best in the Timmins area. From walking an alpaca to canoeing to the remote New Post Falls along the Canadian Hudson Bay Company trading route, I did it all.  Each region within Canada is unique to its own and northern Canada doesn’t disappoint, as it offers more to travelers than you can imagine. The options are endless. I’ve only had the opportunity to sample some of the best activities to do in northern Ontario, yet there are endless more for me to do when I return on my next visit. Continue reading

All Time Favorite Spots in New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

Like any place I visit, I always reflect on my trip after I have left and summarize my highlights. New Zealand is a country from another world as if I had landed on a different planet. It really had it all: turquoise, beaches, mountains, glaciers, culture, marine life, kiwis, and friendly folk. Although I only had three weeks in New Zealand, I saw more than I could have imagined on my Stray Bus hop-on-hop-off pass. Stray’s jam packed scheduled allowed me to see all of the main destinations on both the south and north islands, while flying in between to save time. Continue reading

Touring Magnetic Island in a 4×4

Magnetic Island

As I mentioned in my last post, while touring Magnetic Island, which is a short ferry ride from Townsville, Australia I rented a 4×4 with a friend I met a week prior in Noosa. We reunited at Base Hostel in Nelly Bay on Magnetic Island. What better way to see the little quaint island then with your own vehicle?

Continue reading