Wild Exodus Adventure Travel

Wild Exodus Wild Exodus put together the best of what they offer (adventure travel in northern Ontario) in a jam packed full day tour in the northern wild. When I think of a great Canadian outdoor adventure, Wild Exodus must have been reading my mind because they created the ultimate outdoor adventure. My full day Wild Exodus tour had me cruising lake Kenogamissi on a pontoon boat, stopping for a homemade feast at Post 392, visiting a trappers cabin in the woods, exploring Exodus’ glamping site, and driving an ATV through northern Ontario’s bush to High Falls. I couldn’t have designed a better outdoor exploration myself. Leave it to Wild Exodus to create the extreme outdoor escape for any outdoor enthusiast. Continue reading

Summer Wildlife Tour Brought to Life

Winter:Cedar Meadows

Cedar Meadows

Northern Ontario, Ca

The last time I went on Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa‘s northern wildlife tour was during the middle of winter, when Canada’s harsh temperatures were at their worst, especially in northern Ontario. Bundled up in a Canada Goose parka and wool blanket, I attempted to engage with the animals the best I could amidst the freezing temperatures. Feeding the animals with my bare hand felt like jack frost was nipping at my finger tips every second I had them out of my warm alpaca wool mittens (although, the animals were worth it). I did my best to snap photos (using both a GoPro and Canon Rebel T3) of the northern rarities with my frozen frigid fingers. The highlight of my winter wonderland wildlife tour was seeing a mighty majestic moose up close for the first time. Taking Cedar Meadows Wildlife Tour during the summer gave me a whole new perspective of the active northern wildlife who were curious and wide eyed during the warm, mosquito laden season. Continue reading

Cedar Meadows Chalet Staycation

Cedar Meadows Resort and SpaGrowing up I always went camping with my family. My mom told me that my first camping experience was when I was only a few weeks old. Even through my teen years and early adulthood I enjoyed camping with friends and family and did so as often as I could. When I refer to camping I am talking about tenting in a wooded lot, while cooking on the fire. There is nothing like the fresh outdoors and smores on the camp fire. The last time I was camping was when I went white water rafting with my boyfriend in Maine 11 months ago. There are very few things that will stop me from tenting–not even the intense heat, rain, wind, cold, or bugs will slow me down. Continue reading

My First Facial Taught Me to Be Thankful

Cedar Meadows Resort and SpaTwo years ago my boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to an amazing natural spa for Christmas as one of my presents. He told me that I don’t often take the time to pamper myself and he wanted to do something for me that I rarely do for myself. It was a nice treat to enjoy an Aveda lemon mint martini manicure at one of my favorite urban spas-Nakai. Since then, I’ve indulged in at home manicures and pedicures that I have done myself aside from the rare professional treatment that I have done with a friend (buy one, get one free of course). It is not often that I find the time to go to the spa or can justify spending the money on a luxury for me. Yet, it is so nice to relax while enjoying a spa treatment every now and then. Continue reading

Three Great Summer Events

It just so happened that I was in Timmins, Ontario, CA during three great summer festivals: Dream Acres Alpacas open house, the 12th annual Ribfest, and Aboriginal Day in Hollinger Park. I’m always up for experiencing new things, but I especially love festivals! I got lucky to be able to experience three within one week. Continue reading

Getting Close to Nature in the Great Outdoors

Millson Forestry ServiceRegardless of where I am traveling, I try to find things to do in the great outdoors. Nothing feels better than the refreshing air of Northern Ontario’s great outdoors (minus the misquotes). I really get a sense of a place when I can experience nature up close. I typically hike in each destination that I visit, but I’m always looking for new and unique ways to get close with nature. Through Tourism Timmins, Timmins Ontario offered me two one of a kind experiences which allowed me to get down to earth with mother nature. Visiting the Millson Forestry Service and Timmins Ecological Beekeeping Association had me on my toes learning about how these two organizations help the environment. Continue reading

5 Fun Things to do in Timmins

TimminsAlthough a small city in northern Ontario, Timmins offers a plethora of activities for the young and old. Although 30 years old, I like to consider myself a big kid at heart. The older I get the younger I feel and with every birthday I have more fun! It’s no surprise that the big kid in me came out in Timmins while I enjoyed laser tag, bumper cars, indoor swing golf, roller derby, eating sweet treats, and exploring the Egyptian display at the Timmins Museum National Exhibition Center. Continue reading

Touring Northern Ontario with Tourism Timmins

Northern OntarioMy recent trip in Canada in between my abroad travels had me experiencing the best of what Northern Ontario has to offer with Tourism Timmins. Tourism Timmins had me out exploring the best of the best in the Timmins area. From walking an alpaca to canoeing to the remote New Post Falls along the Canadian Hudson Bay Company trading route, I did it all.  Each region within Canada is unique to its own and northern Canada doesn’t disappoint, as it offers more to travelers than you can imagine. The options are endless. I’ve only had the opportunity to sample some of the best activities to do in northern Ontario, yet there are endless more for me to do when I return on my next visit. Continue reading

Wildlife Tour at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa

Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa offers more than just lodging, dining, and relaxing. With 175 acres of natural property, Cedar Meadows offers a daily wilderness tour rain or shine on a tractor drawn wagon to see deer, elk, bison, moose, and beyond. A perfect winter activity in Northern Ontario is escaping the urban center for a magical wildlife tour where you get up close and personal with friendly and curious wildlife. Continue reading

Playing in the Snow

Northern Canada

Wearing Canada Goose is a necessity, NOT a fashion statement

You Know You are in Northern Ontario When…

1. you have to plug in your car for it to start, yet the plugs are buried in the snow.
2. your car has been plugged in all night, yet it barely starts the next day.
3. wearing Canada Goose is a necessity, NOT a fashion statement.
4. you don’t care what your shoes look like as long as they keep your feet warm.
5. you need to shovel the snow off the roof of your house.
6. your nose hairs freeze the minute you step outside.
7. the names of the stores begin with “Northern Store”.
8. the -40 degrees Celsius cold air takes your breath away.
9.-20 degrees Celsius is considered a warm day.
10. a favorite activity is playing in the snow. Continue reading