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Turquoise Compass is a lifestyle and travel blog devoted to living life to the fullest, dreaming a new dream, traveling and doing yoga! Who am I? I’m a Maritimer currently living in Toronto, part-time traveler, pilot wife, yogi, yoga teacher, educator, water fanatic, and turquoise lover! Be a part of the journey and follow your compass: live, dream, travel, and do yoga!

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Adventure in Yucatan, Mexico

Mexico Diaries
Landing in Mexico as a Solo Female Backpacker
The Best of Traveling Solo in Quintana Roo, Mexico

MexicoThinking back to my first backpacking trip in Mexico (2008) brings up so many incredible memories (and emotions). I had the time of my life in Mexico and it’s hard to believe how much I did while I was there. Each time I return to Mexico, I explore more within one of my favourite countries and learn more about myself along the way. It’s hard to believe that a once control freak like me took my trip day by day and planned as I went along. No itinerary, no guide, and no specific direction. It was really nice not having to plan so far in advance and never knowing what would come next. It truly was an adventure. The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of adventure is “an exciting or dangerous experience”. Traveling in unchartered territory was exciting and my trip did have some form of risk involved, considering that I knew little Spanish, traveled alone as a female, and didn’t plan too far in advance. I let the wind move me so to speak. It literally was an adventure. I trusted my gut in every situation and let me intuition guide me in the right direction. To no fail I was always safe. Mexico Continue reading

Touring Northern Ontario with Tourism Timmins

Northern OntarioMy recent trip in Canada in between my abroad travels had me experiencing the best of what Northern Ontario has to offer with Tourism Timmins. Tourism Timmins had me out exploring the best of the best in the Timmins area. From walking an alpaca to canoeing to the remote New Post Falls along the Canadian Hudson Bay Company trading route, I did it all.  Each region within Canada is unique to its own and northern Canada doesn’t disappoint, as it offers more to travelers than you can imagine. The options are endless. I’ve only had the opportunity to sample some of the best activities to do in northern Ontario, yet there are endless more for me to do when I return on my next visit. Continue reading