14 Dream Bucket List Items in 14 Months

During my 14 months of full-time travels I completed countless bucket list items! By far, the 14 most amazing dream bucket list items that I completed are:

1. SkydivingFalling from the Sky Continue reading

Happy Canada Day


Fireworks in Ottawa, 2013

With only 2 months left of full-time travel before I go back to work, I can’t help but reminisce about my favorite Canadian memories over the last 12 months. My sabbatical thus far has me not only experiencing the world’s far away places, but also has me trying new things in my home country–Canada. Even though I have traveled through 7 countries and visited countless destinations in the last 12 months, I’m left with amazing Canadian experiences in between each of my abroad travels. Continue reading

Bucket List Adventures on Australia’s East Coast


Waiting for the wave

As I mentioned in a previous post, Australia’s East Coast is a place where I completed countless bucket list items and adventure sports. Visiting Australia’s East Coast is a dream come true for me. Exploring the Eastern region of Australia for 6 weeks allowed me to complete countless items on my bucket list. From hang-gliding to sand-boarding I tried to do it all. I like to think I am an adventurous person, although not fearless, I am open to experiencing anything unique and out of the ordinary. Continue reading

Staying in Paradise: Australia’s Gold Coast

Gold Coast Flying into the Gold Coast was a slice of heaven served on the beach, with a side of turquoise. Just when I thought the beaches couldn’t get any better than the beaches around Sydney, they did. Continue reading

A Guide to Traveling With Only a Carry-On

Traveling with a carry on

Traveling with only a carry on

Traveling by air is not the easiest thing to do! Traveling with 1 carry-on and 1 personal item can be a difficult task, but I have been managing to do it since July 2013 (aside from one trip which was a stupid mistake…long story). I am no expert, but I’ve mastered it to make it work for me. I’d love to share what I have learned and my successes with you! I travel for months at a time with only my carry-on. I have mentioned this before, but there is something more freeing than flying without a checked bag! I have learned to live with less and realized that I didn’t need as much as I thought. Yes, there are things that I miss and things I wish I had, but I can live without those items. Continue reading

Playing in the Snow

Northern Canada

Wearing Canada Goose is a necessity, NOT a fashion statement

You Know You are in Northern Ontario When…

1. you have to plug in your car for it to start, yet the plugs are buried in the snow.
2. your car has been plugged in all night, yet it barely starts the next day.
3. wearing Canada Goose is a necessity, NOT a fashion statement.
4. you don’t care what your shoes look like as long as they keep your feet warm.
5. you need to shovel the snow off the roof of your house.
6. your nose hairs freeze the minute you step outside.
7. the names of the stores begin with “Northern Store”.
8. the -40 degrees Celsius cold air takes your breath away.
9.-20 degrees Celsius is considered a warm day.
10. a favorite activity is playing in the snow. Continue reading

Staying Warm at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio

Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga StudioI can’t think of a more perfect winter activity to stay warm then to be doing Hot Yoga at the brand new Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio. Hot Yoga is the perfect exercise to beat the winter blues, promote relaxation and tranquility, while staying active throughout the long winter season. There is nothing better then training in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. With my eyes closed, the heat and humidity transport my body to a hot tropical destination. I can imagine myself practicing on a white sandy beach in the middle of the ocean with the salty air blowing through my hair. This is the place for me. The friendly and knowledgeable trained staff quickly got me warmed up and sweating in no time. After one Hot Gentle Hatha Flow class I was feeling my very best! The Hot Power Flow class got my muscles working in no time. I can’t wait to try the other classes offered at Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio. Continue reading