6 Reasons Greece is the Place to Be

GreeceEver thought about visiting Greece? From Crete, Halikidiki, Ionian Islands, to the South Aegean Islands, you can’t go wrong with any destination in Greece. Feel like island hopping or spending more time on one island, while visiting multiple areas on that island? Sounds like paradise to me. Your perfect vacation in Greece is awaiting you. Greece is a country not to be missed and to make your Greece holiday planning simple, browse the many options First Choice provides for the perfectly turquoise getaway in Greece. My first experience in Greece was mainland sailing, while stopping off on a couple different islands. My favorite part was seeing the coast in the distance from the sailboat. The sights I saw along the way were as if I was in a fairy tale. Although I wasn’t able to visit all of the Greek destinations I imagined, I was still able to get a sample of what Greece can offer. I know that I will return to explore more within this beautiful country. If you didn’t know it already, Greece is the place to be. Continue reading

Where Turquoise Water Meets Turquoise Architecture – The BVI´s

Guest Post by: City Sea Country

This article is a glance back for me. Years ago I was lucky enough to live and work on a catamaran (Catana 58) as a private teacher for two girls. We sailed 5 of 10 months (after sailing the Med and crossing the Atlantic Ocean) in the Caribbean.

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