Exploring the Canals of Venice in a Gondola

Venice, ItalyVenice, ItalyWhen people think of Venice they automatically think of canals and gondolas, as did I. I couldn’t visit Venice without taking a ride in a gondola to explore the city via the many 150 narrow canals.  It’s a wonder how the gondolier navigates his was through the maze of canals in the city. They all look so similar. Although the water wasn’t as turquoise as I imagined (or had seen on T.V.– darn editing!), it was still beautiful to explore Venice by water. The main forms of transportation in Venice are by foot and boats (no cars allowed in the city of Venice), including water taxis and the popular vaporetto. Floating by one of the 4 main bridges which cross over the grand canal is the most Venetian experience you can get. Continue reading