Maita’i in Hawaii

Maita'i Catamaran

Hawaii is known for its Maita’i’s, yet my experience with Maita’i was not from a drink, but from an experience with Maita’i Catamaran. I was excited to go sailing and snorkeling in Hawaii with Maita’i Catamaran on their Underwater Adventure Sail. Hawaii is known for its snorkeling and ocean adventures and I didn’t want to miss my chance to fully experience Hawaii by being on and in the water. Maita’i Catamaran’s state of the art twin hulled sea vessel got my hair blowing in the wind and had me relaxing under the late morning sun.  Maita’i means excellence in Tahitian and Maita’i Catamaran exemplifies just that. Continue reading

Visiting the Underworld with Atlantis Submarines

Atlantis Submarines

I can officially say that I was on the Guinness Book of World Records largest passenger submarine. Atlantis Submarines Hawaii took me 110 feet below the surface of the water in a 64 passenger premium submarine to explore the underworld in Hawaii. With Atlantis Submarines just celebrating their 25th anniversary of underwater exploration in Hawaii, it was the perfect time to explore the ocean with Atlantis. With natural and artificial reef below the surface, the abundance of aquatic life was surreal. Continue reading

Arriving in Waikiki, Hawaii


Arriving in Hawaii has been a dream come true! Although it took great effort to get here, the trip was worth it. Every day I am amazed by what I see on the island of Oahu. Continue reading