Yoga for Golfers, Cyclists, and Runners: Interview with Catherine Dupont

Bodywise Yoga Studio

I have the lovely pleasure of knowing Catherine Dupont, one of my fantastic yoga instructors at Bodywise Yoga Studio. I’ve been attending Catherine’s Strong and Slow Flow class on Monday nights since the fall at Bodywise Yoga Studio. I’ve had the opportunity to grow through Catherine’s excellent teachings. Her background in therapeutic yoga shines through her teaching with the unique ability (her super power) to provide exactly what I need that day. When I’m in Catherine’s presence, I feel an incredible sense of calm and comfort; she truly has the gift of teaching yoga. I can always count on Catherine’s genuine welcoming smile and excitement to be exactly where she is. She has the ability to take me to another world during savasana like no other instructor can. Her calming voice and centering messages take me to a place where there is complete contentment and inner peace. I’m surprised that I haven’t fallen asleep during the resting posture because she makes me so relaxed. After each and every one of her classes, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and restored. Catherine has taught me to stay grounded by repeating to myself when I need to hear it: may I think words of peace, may I speak words or peace, and may I feel peace. What a powerful, yet simple message.

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Double the Pilates, Double the Fun

Bodywise Yoga Studio

Bodywise Yoga StudioBodywise Yoga Studio started offering double the amount of pilates classes last month and it has been a huge success! Every Tuesday and Thursday you can immerse yourself in the world of pilates with Sasha Rooney, co-owner of Bodywise Yoga Studio and certified pilates instructor and massage therapist. Bodywise Yoga Studio currently offers mixed levels pilates classes every Thursday evening at 5:30-6:30, and a beginner pilates on Tuesdays at 5:30-6:30. Both classes are open to everyone regardless of level. Those with advanced experience in pilates will benefit from the focused and attention to detail beginner classes on Tuesdays. Beginners to pilates can work at their level or try intermediate poses during the mixed level classes on Thursdays. Pilates is for everyone. See you at Bodywise Yoga Studio this spring to get your pilates groove on and get your body ready for the summer season. Continue reading

How Kundalini Yoga Can Change Your Life: Interview with Jacynte Leger

Bodywise Yoga StudioWhen I first started attending yoga classes at Bodywise Yoga Studio, one of the first classes as I attended was Jacynte’s Wednesday night all levels class Yang to Yin. I was immediately hooked! My love for yoga flourished from that moment. I loved the unique combination of relaxing yin yoga and reenergizing vinyasa flow. With Jacynte having an extensive training in yoga (550 hours of Hatha yoga certification through Yoga Ink and 200 hours of Kundalini yoga certification through Kundalini Yoga in the Loop) I knew my practice was in good  hands. Each instructor brings their own unique flair to their classes and Jacynte brings a wealth of knowledge based on inspirations from Ruth Ritchman, Shakta Kaur, Doug Keller, Biff Mithoerfer, and Sarah Powers to each class. The thing I love most about Jacyne is that she is so malleable; she loves to teach a variety of yoga styles and soaks up everything life offers her. It’s a quality many of us strive for. Regardless of what yoga class Jacynte teaches, she ensures that every class is accessible for all regardless of fitness level–making all classes safe, experimental, and fun. I can only hope that someday I can do this as a yoga teacher. Continue reading

Learning Resilience at Yogagrow

YogaYogaI recently spent a week in Fredericton, NB for work and was exploring yoga options in the city. With countless yoga studios to choose from, I decided to try Yogagrow as I’ve heard rave reviews about the downtown vinyasa flow studio. I went out of my comfort zone to try their Monday night advanced strength yoga class. Due to the class being deemed “advanced”, my first reaction was that it was not for me and that I wouldn’t be successful. Even though I’ve been practicing a variety of yoga styles 4-6 times per week for 6 months, I don’t consider myself “advanced” by any means. I’m always up for a challenge, so I wouldn’t let myself give up that easily and attended the class with reservations. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Not only did I not ‘fail’, but I surprised myself at just how far I’ve come in the last 6 months. Continue reading