Saying Yes! Starting my 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Training

Halifax, NS

Breathing Space Yoga StudioWhat’s next for me? Well, aside from taking a huge leap of faith to move to the north, starting a new job, and teaching yoga, I’ve decided to start my 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training! I started my 500 hour advanced with Breathing Space Yoga Studio in October with my first training weekend taking place in Halifax, NS. My first workshop was focused on yin yoga. I’m excited to broaden my yoga knowledge, where my first 400 hours of training focused on vinyasa yoga and yoga for schools. Starting my program this fall gave me a good excuse to head back to the east coast. I was away from the east coast a month and was already itching to return. Continue reading

Yoga Teacher Training with Breathing Space Yoga Studio

Yoga in Schools CanadaZeroslip Yoga TowelNever in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would become a yoga teacher. My fitness background was always in high intensity contact sports like rugby, running, and Crossfit. I played volleyball and soccer in high school, played varsity rugby throughout my university career, coached soccer and rugby for years, frequented the local gym/weight room almost daily, and turned my life over to Crossfit for nearly 3 years of my life before I started practicing yoga.

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Doubling up with Kharma Khare’s Hybrid Bliss

YogaYogaAfter just finishing my first weekend of my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), I am left feeling empowered, inspired, and enlightened. I’m excited to know what’s going to happen next; I can’t wait for my next training weekend. It’s with great joy and passion (maybe a little nervousness too) that I get to share my journey with you. It wasn’t long ago when I was traveling around the world full time dabbling in yoga and realizing with each new destination that I visited, that I was falling more and more in love with practicing yoga. It’s something I can do anywhere. Since returning to eastern Canada, I decided that I would pursue this newfound passion at home. Practicing yoga connects me to the places I recently visited and helps me to visualize the places in my mind and transport me there, as if I haven’t left. With practicing yoga regularly (I’m up to practicing 5-6 days a week) I’m faced with the challenge of finding a yoga mat that will support the various styles of yoga classes I attend. My sea green Kharma Khare Hybrid Bliss yoga mat is uniquely two yoga mats in one, which allows me to have an all-in-one yoga mat perfect for any style and practice. Continue reading

Expecting the Unexpected: Yoga Teacher Training



Advice from an Expert:
Bodywise Yoga StudioWith the lead up to my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) starting this weekend, I couldn’t help but talk to an expert, Beth Dobson, from Bodywise Yoga Studio to get some advice. As a formal yoga instructor of 8 years (Beth’s been teaching for 10 years!) and having gone through the exact same YTT program I’m about to begin from Breathing Space Yoga Studio, I knew Beth would be the perfect person to talk to. I’ve been assured that my emotions, which are running wild, are completely normal. I’m anxious, nervous, and excited to begin my Yoga Teacher Training journey. Continue reading