Fall Colours are Vibrant in Southern Nova Scotia

For Thanksgiving weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to southern Nova Scotia for the long weekend. The fall colours were bright, vibrant, and the maple leaves glistened in the sunlight.  For early October, the weather has been warmer than pervious years and I’m welcoming the warmth and sunlight on my skin. I’ll prolong fall’s typical cold and frost covered mornings for as long as I can. As much as I love the fall colours, I know what the beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves mean—that winter is coming. As you know by now, I’m a summer baby all the way. A sun worshiper as they’re called (just like my mommy). Hence why I chased the sun last year and skipped the Canadian winter and headed to Australia in January. Now I am back to experiencing the beauty of the changing seasons. I witnessed eastern Canada’s summer turn to fall, and soon fall will turn to winter. Nova Scotia Continue reading

Practicing my New Found Passion at Body Wise Yoga Studio

Nova ScotiaBody Wise Yoga StudioI’ve always dabbled with yoga and tried a few classes here and there, but it wasn’t until my year of travels that I formed a love for yoga. I finally had the opportunity to do all the things I didn’t have time for in the pervious years. One of those things was yoga. Always enjoyed it, but never had the time to fit it in (or didn’t make the time to fit it in). I made it my goal to devote my 14 months of full-time travel to accomplishing things on my bucket list, trying new things, traveling to new places, and spending time doing the things I’ve always enjoyed (yet neglected). I finally had the time to explore my ongoing fascination with yoga. That fascination has now been turned into a passion. Continue reading

10 Reasons to (not freak out and) try Crossfit

CrossfitWhen people who haven’t tried Crossfit think about trying Crossfit they automatically think I can’t do that, Crossfit is for athletes, I won’t be able to do what they do, Crossfitters are crazy, or something alike (possibly even worse). The truth is, you won’t know until you try it. Before I tried Crossfit I had a similar mentality, but it wasn’t until I gave it a shot that I realized I could do it. I recently went back to Crossfit in the beginning of September after 14 months off while I was traveling full-time. It wasn’t that I wanted to stop Crossfit while I traveled, but I found it difficult to fit it into my hectic schedule while I transitioned from country to country. WOD’s (workout of the day) soon got replaced with yoga, walking, hiking, and swimming. My prior year of Crossfit training prepared my body for the extreme bucket list activities I tried while traveling, including (but not limited to) wind surfing, stand up paddle boarding, indoor rock climbing, body boarding, paragliding, and surfing. Crossfit made me strong, confident to try new things, and it taught me to trust my body. It was then that I finally realized that Crossfit prepared me for real life. There is no need to be intimidated to try Crossfit, especially if you find the right box (gym) for you! Continue reading

XShot 2.0 for GoPro Giveaway

AustraliaAs many of you already know, I absolutely love traveling with my pocket XShot camera extender. I love the product so much that I gave one away on Turquoise Compass in February 2014! My love for XShot products just grew stronger because XShot has graciously agreed to give another XShot away on Turquoise Compass, but this time the XShot 2.0 for GoPro cameras! I recently received my very own XShot 2.0 and I couldn’t help but share the love with my turquoise loving readers! Continue reading

Traveling is Worth the Wait

Peggys Cove Nova Scotia

Peggys Cove Nova Scotia

Where will I be traveling now? While I’m saving up for my next big expedition abroad (14 months of full time travel was hard on the bank account/pocket) for next year, I’ll still be traveling. Now just not too far from home this time. So where will I be going you ask?

  • Traveling within Canada
  • Traveling within Atlantic Canada
  • Traveling within the United States
  • Traveling within my home province: New Brunswick
  • Becoming a tourist within my own city

Continue reading

When One Journey Ends, Begin Another

Yarmouth Light HouseOver the last couple weeks, as I’ve been summarizing my last 14 months of travels, I have been asked the question: what’s next? by numerous bloggers. That’s a really good question! I’m unable to answer this question in entirety, as I do not know what the future holds. I do know that I’ll be starting on another journey. When one journey ends, the only thing to do is start another one. Regardless if I am traveling, my journey continues. Each of us is on our very own unique journey. Continue reading